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  • back of the village, I find a woman who believes she had a narrow escape from a water mama when she was a child.

  • When I was like probably 78 years, my father took myself on my brother.

  • He was shooting fish.

  • So he said, You Children stay here.

  • Suddenly water erupted in front of you.

  • This water come very high.

  • The Children ran for their lives.

  • She believes it was a leaping water.

  • Mama is a spirit and it happened.

  • Too many people there sit things like Mormons.

  • People used to like disappear.

  • They never come back.

  • Where is this place is a big leak.

  • So this isn't part of the river.

  • This is a light.

  • This'll chance.

  • Clue is a game changer.

  • It dramatically cuts down the suspect list.

  • If the water mama is seen in lakes as well as rivers, then logically, the creature I'm looking for must be found in both places too.

  • And there are very, very few river monsters that fit the bill.

  • The only other dangerous animal I know that crosses between the two habitats is an old adversary of a really Amazonian heavyweight Theory up.

  • I'ma aeroplane mint may not have the teeth of predators like Peronnas, but they've got unmatched size and power, as I know all too well, do it.

  • I've been to a couple of air.

  • Apply more farms in Brazil.

  • One unforgettable occasion.

  • I was attempting to trap our appointment when one erupted from the net and slammed me in the chest.

  • This is the Arab timers, M o.

  • They're normally harmless to people.

  • But if cornered by a net or on a line taken suddenly transform into giant deadly missiles, hundreds of pounds of muscle on bone launches into the air.

  • And if you happen to be in its path, blow could kill you.

  • There are certainly echoes of this river monster within the stories I've heard the water.

  • They have like a fish dealing.

  • They have weight, people's skin.

  • This water come very high.

  • It's starting to rain.

  • I'm hoping it's the cue.

  • The fish of being waiting for Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's official.

  • I'm feeling massively under gunned.

  • All I have to pull in this giant is the thin rod on a wobbly canoe.

  • That's the fish there.

  • I'm trying to stop the fish coming to the surface.

  • If it jumps, you could spit out the hook, but it seems the fish is calling the shots.

  • Fish rolled in a painful girl, painful.

  • As the fish comes closer, danger becomes very riel.

  • If it jumps in our direction, the results could be deadly.

  • Coming up, It's coming, it's coming, it's coming.

  • It's gonna It's gonna go.

  • It's gonna John is gonna jump.

  • This'll is a lot bigger than any era primer of caught before.

  • I need to get it into the shallows.

  • In the movies, this fish weighs at least £250 huh?

  • Look at this.

  • I reported on the floor.

  • It's actually going to say it's built like a missile.

  • This is a tired fish.

  • Believe it.

  • Well, no two of us can hardly restrain it.

  • It is just like a mess.

  • Are long, streamlined body.

  • I think about three times the size of the one that hit me, sent me flying, left me in pain for over a month.

  • This thing came flying at you with the right place.

  • We say the wrong place.

  • Uh, he would know about it.

  • Just a final flashing fleeting moment and then lights out for good.

  • What's wrong?

  • This is the biggest fish of my South American fishing career, a river monster as deadly as any beast of folklore on.

  • If you caught a glimpse of something this size, color and shape appearing on the edge of your vision, your mind could fill in the gaps here in Guyana, where legends of mermaids pervade local beliefs.

  • You might think that you've seen the water mama, but one thing's for sure.

  • There are Arab heimer here so massive they could easily deliver a fatal blow on if that happened, River scavengers would quickly clear away every last shred of evidence, except perhaps, a tidy pile of clothes.

back of the village, I find a woman who believes she had a narrow escape from a water mama when she was a child.

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