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  • during that time when all the turbulence was taking place in the late sixties, I think inwardly I was quite pleased.

  • Even though it was very hard times I felt pleased because this had to happen in order for myself, for me to grow.

  • Ah, I didn't e I didn't totally internalize all of this.

  • Uh, the Martin Luther King, Uh, the the burning.

  • I remember when Los Angeles, in that particular area where they had so much turmoil, Um, that happened in somebody else's neighborhood.

  • But I understood why it was going on.

  • It's it.

  • It was kind of a feeling that possibly freedom would happen for all of us, including myself.

  • So inwardly, I was glad that it was taking place.

  • Now I didn't want to see people hurt, and I didn't want to see the fires and and what have you?

  • But it was like, I don't blame him.

  • I understand that.

  • And the women have a right to feeling as they are feeling.

  • Possibly something good will come out of this.

  • And I think that's what I was pleased about.

  • Not that it was happening and the people were getting hurt.

  • But that change possibly would take place had enough presence of mind to know that it does take extremes to move a little.

  • And that was at that time there were extremes taking place.

  • There are a lot of unequal things in this working place.

  • In particular, there are a lot of unequal things in our personal lives.

  • Yes, I do have a valid point of view.

  • And yes, I do have a mind.

  • And yes, I have a right to use it.

  • And they were saying these things.

  • They were saying it was okay to feel that way, and they were saying it much louder than I could ever say to my house.

  • But they were saying it to the male passengers that we had on border fights.

  • So there was a total consciousness, a total awareness taking place throughout the entire country at the same time, because we were all reading the same newspapers.

  • We were all watching the same TV stations.

  • So it wasn't just females getting this information.

  • United States was getting this information.

  • So it was a point of conversation when you went out with another couple.

  • You talked about it.

  • How do you feel about it?

  • And you would hear the other husband complained that he does not like this part of his wife and his wife complained that she did not like that part of her husband.

  • And their complaints were the same as mine or the same as my husband.

  • And then we did some point laugh about it cause it wasn't that heavy.

  • I mean, you we were living it, but you got through it and you accepted it.

  • That's the way life is.

  • Those that had the long hair and the hearing.

  • Um, we're rather what is the word I would use?

  • Uh, bohemian.

  • And I love to talkto I love their way of thinking.

  • I was, in many respects, envious of their freedom of expression.

  • I was entirely too inhibited to do that to restricted.

  • Not only because I felt, um, my job restricted me.

  • My interior restricted me because I that was just that was just counter to how I was brought up.

  • But it was so refreshing.

  • And it was so fascinating to me that I would have my eyes wide open in my mouth open.

  • And I would just love to talk to him.

  • I'd love to be around him.

  • Did not necessarily want to duplicate their lifestyle because I didn't have the guts to do it, but I truly appreciated where they were.

  • We're kind of glad that that they were around with that expression and I found him fascinating, but I was not a part of it.

  • I think I can recall, um, in particular.

  • Ah, young man, I dated.

  • And I think the reason why I dated him was because he was absolutely the most different type of person ever dated before in my life.

  • And we would walk into a restaurant.

  • And of course, I was always dressed more in the fashion world and and he could have cared less.

  • It was so unimportant.

  • And I remembered the looks of people as we would walk into a restaurant.

  • And I would think to myself, they are judging him very unfairly because he is very bright, very charming.

  • And I thought to myself, they're giving me, um they're wondering why I'm with him because I was dressed straight, and I guess that's why you know, it dawns on you at some point in time that we do judge people on how they dress or how they look.

  • Knowing nothing else about them.

  • He had long hair and he had a hearing in one of his ears.

  • And his clothes were certainly not out of gentleman's quarterly.

  • Uh, but there was a charm to him.

  • There was a freedom that was so attractive that I never had.

  • I still don't have it.

  • It was just very attractive because he was free.

  • He was not encumbered by all of this.

  • You know what society had placed on on me.

  • And he was He was fun.

  • He allowed me to be free, I suppose.

  • Which is why I enjoyed going out with him.

during that time when all the turbulence was taking place in the late sixties, I think inwardly I was quite pleased.

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