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  • DEBI MAZAR: Hi, I'm Debi, and I'm here to talk to you about

  • a big word.

  • Well, not just a big word, a really big word.

  • In fact, it's a really, really big word.

  • You want to know what the really, really big word is?

  • The really, really big word is "humongous." Is "humongous" a

  • big word or what?

  • Do you think you can try and say "humongous" with me?

  • Like I said, I know it's a really, really big word, but

  • don't worry, I'm sure you can do it.

  • Now, come on and say "humongous" with me.

  • Hu-mon-gous.

  • Humongous.

  • Humongous!

  • Great job!

  • Now, the word "humongous" is a really, really big word, and

  • that means really, really big.

  • So when something is really, really big, you can say that

  • thing is really humongous.

  • Now, I just wish that there was something humongous around

  • here to show you, but there's nothing humongous.


  • MR. DRAGON: Hey!

  • Maybe I can help.

  • What's humongous?

  • DEBI MAZAR: Say, you know, you're really, really big.

  • MR. DRAGON: Does that mean I'm humongous?

  • DEBI MAZAR: Yes, it does!

  • MR. DRAGON: Yay!

  • We found something humongous.

  • Humongous!

  • DEBI MAZAR: Wow, your eyelashes are so humongous!

  • MR. DRAGON: Humongous!

  • DEBI MAZAR: Your teeth are really big.

  • They're really humongous!


DEBI MAZAR: Hi, I'm Debi, and I'm here to talk to you about

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Sesame Street: Debi Mazar: Humongous

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    姚易辰 posted on 2014/03/17
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