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  • checking in at number three.

  • Puking up your guts Ribbon worms.

  • There are many species that can avert the front part of their digestive system.

  • Let's see what we have here.

  • Whoa, there we go!

  • Is gooey, sticky, sometimes toxic, branching on.

  • In some species, poison can be injected and the runner up on our list of horrors.

  • Boiling hot toxins.

  • Bombardier beetles have this remarkable defense where they can swivel the tip of their abdomen in the direction of a potential predator and pound an explosion, a micro explosion.

  • You can see this little cloud, this little puff, the chemical that can be upon pulsing from their bodies merely boiling.

  • So this is in Fahrenheit 212 degrees.

  • So when they directed to an aunt and could potentially kill those predators, Barrett's journey has led him through smelly anal glands and boiling hot, toxic but spray.

  • But one contender remains frying Is Oma, Texas.

  • Foreign lizard Spiky has really tough scales to protect itself, but Texas horned lizards have another remarkable defense.

  • They spew of fluid we might be familiar with, but in a totally new toxic form.

  • That's because these lizards eat venomous ants.

  • Incredibly, the venom doesn't affect them at all.

  • It's just stored in their blood like a gun in the holster.

  • And when it's time for a quick draw, you can't believe what you're seeing.

  • Projectile toxic blood shot from the eyes, man during evil Dead.

  • Why didn't we think of that?

  • They can produce blood from the eye socket.

  • They can shoot blood.

  • A fair distance that can also be somewhat acidic or talks spewing defense should inspire respect, fear, repulsion, admiration and actual celebration.

  • The diversity of life on planet Earth is marvelous.

checking in at number three.

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3 Of The Grossest Animal Defence Mechanisms! | Ripley's Believe It Or Not

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