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  • What's the difference between situation, position and condition?

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  • Condition is a noun describes the physical state of something or someone.

  • We usually talk about things being in good, bad or terrible condition.

  • For example, I bought this top three years ago, and it's still in good condition.

  • Look how white that efforts conditions as a plural can refer to the environment.

  • We talk about doing something under good, bad or terrible conditions.

  • For example, the storm meant that we had to abandon climbing the mountain under such difficult conditions, and in this way we can talk about living conditions or working conditions.

  • That's the environment in which we live or work.

  • So, for example, this office needs more light to meet basic working conditions.

  • Finally, we can talk about a condition or conditions needing to be met or satisfied, and that means that something must be done before something else can happen.

  • For example, in order to get this job, you need to meet certain conditions.

  • Qualifications, for example, Situation is a noun that refers to a specific set of conditions in a particular place at a particular time.

  • After a natural disaster, for example, we might say that the situation in the country is not good.

  • We often combine other words with situation to create more specific contexts.

  • We can talk about the economic or financial situation and, of course, don't forget about situation comedies or sitcoms as they're commonly known.

  • These are TV shows that put a bunch of characters in a specific place at a specific time.

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  • If you have a question for learners questions, you can email us on learning dot English at BBC dot co dot UK and don't forget there's a full summary slide immediately after this video position is a noun and a verb that refers to the way or where something is placed.

  • For example, the position of this F is on my chest, but we can also refer to positioning something somewhere.

  • For example, please position the flowers on a window ledge to get maximum sunlight in another way, position can refer to opinion.

  • Your position is your opinion on something.

  • For example, my position is that recycling is essential and everybody's responsibility.

  • Finally, position can mean job or roll when writing to apply for a job you might write, I am writing to apply for the position of producer as advertised on your website.

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What's the difference between situation, position and condition?

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‘Situation’, ‘position’ and ‘condition’ - Learners' Questions

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