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  • Announcing ThinkerCon, remember several years ago five of us educational content creators got together and we did this live events

  • It was really fun, but people came from like 40 states and 12 different nations for it

  • So clearly there's a lot of demand for this sort of thing. We're gonna do something similar only much bigger

  • There were five content creators at that event

  • There's going to be 20 times that at what we're doing here and they're not just youtubers. They're

  • podcasters makers artists

  • explorable content online people that make

  • educational content for the masses it's a celebration of

  • Educational content which is something we need in the world today ThinkerCon has all the information you need Hotel

  • Information where to fly in to November 17 2018 a one-night celebration of educational content online

  • I apologize if there are no tickets left by the time you get to the website

  • This is gonna be a really cool night. For example, there's a Saturn 5 rocket hanging from the ceiling

  • We're gonna feed you a full-on German meal under that rocket will explain the German bit. Later

  • But you can do that and then after that you can go down to the amphitheater

  • There's gonna be a really cool variety show hosted by the festival the spoken nerd from the UK

  • You can come back in under the rocket and hang out with some of the other educational content creators in the rooms

  • There's people from all over the internet that do all different types of educational content

  • Which is really cool because YouTube is sponsoring the event now one of the top priorities for YouTube is education

  • So I think it's cool that they're sponsoring event where people are just doing education online. So I'll let Malik explain this to you

  • He's the head of global education at YouTube. Check us out. Yeah, I'm not used to be on camera

  • so, this is Malik Ducard is the

  • Global head of education at YouTube and they've agreed to sponsor ThinkerCon. Thank you very much. Oh we're thank you

  • Look, we're incredibly excited enthusiastic about ThinkerCon

  • We're happy to sponsor it

  • We're just really really believe in the

  • educational community on

  • YouTube and ThinkerCon is just going to be such a great gathering of that community

  • So yeah, we are exited

  • well people don't realize that you do a lot of stuff behind the scenes like we're in we're in Rio right now for an

  • Educational contend creator event. Yeah, but people don't see that

  • Yeah, so the cool thing about ThinkerCon is people will get to see the contribution that YouTube makes to education in general. Yeah.

  • Well, we're excited to be part of that. Thank you so much. So, thank you very much YouTube

  • This is gonna be a really big educational content celebration. There is a lot of big names coming to this event

  • So we'll put some of their logos on the website, but just know that that's not everybody that's coming

  • There's even more than is on the website

  • there's a forum at the bottom of the ThinkerCon web page if you're like an

  • Institution or a university or a company fill out the form. We'll see if we can get you connected with some cool people

  • I really want to end the event with a chemical

  • Fireworks show basically meaning we're gonna like shoot a color and talk about the chemistry in that color

  • No promise is on the firework show

  • I gotta get that approved with the city on behalf of all the content creators involved in this this is not just a Destin thing

  • This is all of us banding together to try to promote educational content throughout the internet

  • We hope to see you in Huntsville at the first ever ThinkerCon,

  • ThinkerCon 2018 is the first of its kind and man they really hope they let me do the fireworks thing

  • Anyway, go get your tickets Thanks. Bye

Announcing ThinkerCon, remember several years ago five of us educational content creators got together and we did this live events

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Announcing ThinkerCon! - A Celebration of Online Educational Content

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/03/26
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