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  • [SED Slide Guitar Intro Music]

  • [Oropendola bird calling]

  • (Destin) Are you about to grab that? - They're quick.

  • So you gotta kind of predict the movement.

  • [laughs] Oh man, don't let it go in the hole.

  • (Destin) Holy Cow! Golly!

  • (Destin) What is this called? -(Phil) A Tailless Whip Scorpion.

  • - A tailless whip scorpion. Let me grab it with my hand. [sarcastic]

  • -(talking to demon bug) Don't go in there! It's actually kind of a dead end.

  • - (Entire group in amazement, laughing) Oh yes. (Destin) Oh my gosh. He's got a..

  • WOW it's in his hand. - Look at that

  • (Jeff) it's fighting him. (Destin) It's biting? (Jeff) FIGHT-ing

  • (Destin) What the? What is going on? (Jeff) Describe what you're feeling.

  • - It's just a little.. it's like a pointy stick.

  • [gaspy laugh] (Destin) Holy cow!

  • (Destin) Oh my gosh! - [Phil laughing] Is that a monster or what?

  • So these really really long legs..

  • That's basically its eyes. So that's what it sees with.

  • -What? - These are feelers. - Yeah. These feelers, but they're legs.

  • - It's really sensitive to vibrations so if you watch them hunt, they basically put those all around

  • the thing they're about to catch, and they know exactly where it is and then boom.

  • (Gordon) Are these arachnids or not? - Ahh yes. It is

  • and arachnid. (Destin) What?

  • What are we looking at? - Is that crazy or what?

  • - So they have just, really really tiny eyes (Destin) What are these things on the inside of its elbows?

  • (British guy off camera) Those white things.

  • - I think that's just where the muscle is,

  • inside it. - Kind of like on a crab? A dust cover? - Yeah.

  • So you can see that it would just trap something

  • right inside there, and that's how we would

  • eat.

  • And you can see tiny little fangs but they don't have any venom or anything.

  • So, they're quite all right.

  • Am I gonna be the first one to put it on my face and.. (Destin) Oh my gosh!

  • Are you serious?! - Go for it.

  • (Destin) Oh! Is this happening? Oh my gosh!

  • (Bewildered group) My God dude, that is crazy!

  • (Destin) What.. What is happening?! - Alright. Who's gonna

  • catch him and put him on their face? (Gordon) I really don't want to do this (Phil) Do it. You got this.

  • (Destin) Oh. Is this some kind of rite of passage?!

  • - Oh look at that! Like a champ!

  • [laugh]

  • - Do it do it. Put it on his face.

  • (Destin) Alright. Hold on. Wawawawait! Keep it away from my eyes. - What's happening Destin? What's happening.

  • (Jeff) Talk to me. What are you doing?

  • Derp! D'oooohhhh...Serious?!

  • G'ohhhh! Oh gohh!

  • Serious! Guh... Guh.. - [laugh] That's even worse. - Yeah, that's even worse.

  • (Destin clearly losing mind) Think.. oh what?! WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?! [laugh]

  • - Alright. (Destin) OK.

  • - Get that hand away from your face. This time it's real. Time to man up.

  • You're in the Amazon alright. - Man up! - It's not Alabama.

  • (Destin) [squeaks] [laugh] Doh! (mumbling) ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

  • - Talk to me. Give an introduction right now.

  • Hey it's me Destin welcome to Smarter Every Day. I'm in the Amazon rainforest!

  • [squeal] JRUUUH-UH! TJRUAA! (Group) [Clapping, pointing, generally ridiculing Destin for his pansy ways.]Yess! [laughs]

  • (Destin) There it is.

  • [laughs] - That was perfect. - That was the best intro

  • that's ever happened. - The best, the bomb.

  • [music]

  • It's a scorpion

  • without a tail. Oh man he stinks. That is the ugliest

  • beast I have ever seen. So there you go.. The Tailless Whip Scorpion.

  • So we're gonna put him back. We're gonna be good people

  • and NOT kill it with fire, like we should. [laugh]

  • [ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]

  • Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.

[SED Slide Guitar Intro Music]

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The insanely scary "Tailless Whip Scorpion" - Smarter Every Day 77

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