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  • Hey it's me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. So I'm in a, kind of a strange...

  • Oh! It's a golden play button. That can only mean one thing.

  • Somebody famous. - Not quite famous, I want to say.

  • - So this is mystery guitar man, and if you've checked out YouTube for any amount of time you know who he is.

  • He makes really cool videos and the reason I like your videos is because I think they're smart.

  • - You think so? - I do think they're smart. - Well thank you. - I've always wanted to see one of your smart videos being made

  • so that's what you're doing now? With... this. - Yeah yeah, this is

  • a zoetrope. - A what? - A zoetrope. I can try to take

  • some of these letters, and... ahh! - There we go. [laugh]

  • You have this cylinder, and it has a bunch of animation frames

  • up top. You see right now it's really blurry. They have all these frames which is basically

  • like, you know, like this, like this, like this, like this, like this, right?

  • - Like stop motion right? - Yeah like stop motion basically yeah. When you spin it,

  • the slits act as a shutter so then you get to see

  • little birds flying around. - So why do you need the slits? - You need the slits because

  • otherwise your brain, your eyes are seeing way too many frames

  • and it can't make sense of them. - Ohh.. so basically we're eliminating all the parts

  • that we don't want to see, so you're putting the image in one specific spot, it's like you're

  • indexing it or something. So what does that have to do with a record?

  • This isn't a Neil Diamond record is it? - No no no, it's just a very cheap record,

  • somebody's demo record I guess. Basically,

  • I just spin it like this, and at the

  • speed that it spins, which is as fast as I made it go like this,

  • I have my camera shooting at 23 frames per second.

  • - A very expensive camera right? - It's pretty expensive yeah, it's a good investment.

  • Imagine it spinning very slowly, like this is one frame

  • And then this is the next frame, and then this is the next frame. - So basically it's like aliasing

  • only it's constructive. - Yeah, I like that, constructive aliasing.

  • I think you just invented a new term. So I tried out a really weird frame rate like

  • 23.2 frames per second and I can mess with the pitch too.

  • So this specific very cheap USB thing

  • Like if I, I can slow it down, and turn it up, and you can

  • hear in the song actually [very fast music slows down]

  • You can hear... - That's pretty awesome. [music speed varying]

  • - Enough of that, for the copyright. [laugh]

  • - That's pretty sweet. - Yeah so that's how it works basically. - So enough about that,

  • How long did it take to do this? - This is what took the longest. I had to

  • cut out I think 1300 different frames.

  • This bascially is like, you know, just go up and line it up correctly

  • - Are you serious? - Yeah yeah. - So what are these by the way? - These are little frames

  • I would basically paste like this, go to the next one

  • paste it, go to the next one, paste it. And basically these are

  • in sequence all of the frames of the video. And while going, turn the camera on for a second.

  • Done. Turn the camera off. Do this, shut all the lights off.

  • Take all these frames off. Throw them on the floor,

  • and then put the new frames on, turn it on, turn the camera on, turn the lights on

  • - So this is exactly why I like his videos, is because they're

  • awesome but they're brute force. - Brute force yes.

  • - Yeah, that's pretty awesome. - So if the video was three seconds long, I'd say that the video was just

  • from here to here, right, then we

  • would need 72 frames, because I did one frame every second

  • - Gotcha. - Which equals to four full zoetropes, because it's

  • 18 times 18 times 18.. [mumble] which is 72 right? - Gotcha.

  • OK so when you made the video, you actually

  • made it one second at a time and then you would reload the entire zoetrope. - Right.

  • Exactly yeah. Not exactly one second, it's a little less than a second because only

  • 18 of them fit here, because this is a smaller

  • zoetrope, so I make it 18 24th's of a second

  • whatever that goes down to. - Gotcha. So if you want to see mystery guitarman's video

  • or subscribe to him, like I've been subscribed to you for a long time. - Really? - Like a really

  • like ahh.. guitar impossible? - Oh wow. Really long time.

  • - Long time. - I might owe you a dollar or two then. - Excellent. So go check out his channel

  • Can I have the link? Can you give me a link to this video? [whoosh]

  • Fantastic. Anyway, go check him out, subscribe, I am. I'm Destin,

  • you're getting Smarter Every Day. Have a good one.

  • [old time music]

  • [ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]

  • Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.

Hey it's me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. So I'm in a, kind of a strange...

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