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  • Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.

  • Now am these rise and AP User a huge step up over previous iterations, which, in comparison, can't really run Triple A title smoothly anymore.

  • With both E.

  • R.

  • 3 22 100 g and r 5 24 100 g capable of playing modern and demanding games.

  • To some extent, it got me thinking, for how long will they be able to keep up on which games will prove to be too much?

  • Well, every so often I'll be pitting these two against a newly released game to see just how well they do on today's title is far cry five.

  • It's not often I'll make one game the subject of a video, but looking at some of the recommended specs, and it's clear that this may be a pain to run.

  • So are these AP use up to the challenge?

  • Well, let's start off with the cheaper rise and 3 22 100 G with onboard vague eights graphics with a GTX 6 70 our 9 to 70 listed by would be soft as the minimum 47 20 p lo settings.

  • I thought this may be game over for the rise and AP use before we even got anywhere with four course for threads and an onboard Vega GPU, all for £80 on $99.

  • The results were immediately surprising, with 38 F.

  • P s at the low settings, even with minimum with Auntie a sing off Far Cry five is very good looking, turning things up two mediums or no real performance loss with 35 frames per second on average.

  • It's worth mentioning that on all settings there will be moments where the game's slows down for about 2 to 3 seconds, during which time you'll run about 10 frames per second.

  • But those moments, thankfully, seemed few and far between.

  • Even during combat high settings was where we started to see the limitations of the 2200 G, with some drops below 30 F.

  • P.

  • S.

  • We still averaged 32 f.

  • P s, though, and once again there were a few frame drops.

  • But the game's still held itself together pretty well, even with plenty of explosions on screen.

  • In my experience, to be soft games tend to run a bit well, not perfect, let's say, but here things were very smooth while turning things up to 10 80 p just isn't an option 900 p with the low setting.

  • Certainly Waas bear in mind that the wide open areas I've been sticking to maybe helping out the frame right, But the figures were taken from the in game benchmark, the CPU and G ve you also both that stock speeds and the RAM is clocked at just 2400 megahertz.

  • To give you a worst case scenario type of look at performance, though these results are far from bad.

  • For $99 a P.

  • U.

  • Moving on to the rise and threes.

  • Bigger brother.

  • The rise in 5 24 100 g with Vega 11 graphics And to be honest, performance didn't differ too much.

  • The game averaged 39 f.

  • P s, though there was less strain on the CPU, As you can see, which gave us a little more breathing room.

  • There is no significant difference over the 2200 g here, though, at the settings in terms of average numbers.

  • But the increased minimum figures mean there will be fewer stutters, turning things up two mediums or 37 FBs again with a pretty smooth over or experience and far Cry five also has a built in resolution scale option which was set to one all 100% and could be changed to increase F.

  • P s a little more with greater graphical sacrifice, of course, just like with the 2200 rehire settings was achievable the run and little better here with 33 f ps and some drops below 30.

  • Nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable experience playing this game at this resolution, though 10 80 Pete once again wasn't really an option, but 900 p run fine again.

  • 30 f p.

  • S was the average, and there was a bit of graphical glitch ing going on here with the road.

  • Texture is not loading.

  • So I'm not 100% sure that this wasn't how it's supposed to look overall.

  • Far cry five will run fine at 7 20 p resolution or 900 p low on both the 2200 g and 2400 g from a m.

  • D.

  • It's no ideal as you will see some performance issues, but for any of you considering one of these all considering the game, if you already have one of these AP use.

  • Then hopefully this will give you some idea of whether you want to run it on a rise in AP, you or not.

  • Thank you for watching.

  • This video has probably been a little bit different, but I want to see just how long these AP use can hold up for.

  • So I plan to keep them in a separate system for a few years to come.

  • As always.

  • Thank you very much for watching.

  • If you enjoy this video, please leave a light on it.

  • Leave a dislike on it if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already, let me know if you run with one of these AP using your PC and if so, which one and hopefully I'll see you all in the next one.

Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.

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