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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com I'm hit.

  • I'm unusual, and today we're gonna show you how to make you tears.

  • Now, these Morty, as can be had alone with T.

  • They're basically a little dense accord, Hauser, but us and they're made out of chickpea flour or basin.

  • But what we're going to use them for is to make include in our own the recipe.

  • So it'll be the same recipe when we get that way.

  • All right, So it's a pretty simple recipe.

  • Simple ingredients.

  • So we have one cup of chickpea flour or based on right here to this, we're gonna add 1/4 cup off suji or semolina, quarter teaspoon off baking soda, one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of sesame seeds, one teaspoon of salt, or to taste, and we're gonna mix this together.

  • Just make sure there's no big lumps in our basin into this.

  • Now we'll add one tablespoon of oil and makes it again.

  • We want to make sure the oil gets incorporated all the way into the flour.

  • Now we're gonna add a few leaves.

  • Add half a cup off job fell, Agree?

  • Please.

  • It's better if you can get fresh ones.

  • We, unfortunately, could not get a hands on fresh ones.

  • We've got using frozen, and you've got about 12 strings of cilantro or Tanya chopped up and green chili paste to taste.

  • That's approximately about the size of one.

  • Serrano is what we have used them, but again it is to taste right in one teaspoon off lemon juice, and we'll mix this through now.

  • If you don't have frozen fenugreek leaves, or maybe or even the fresh ones or frozen, you can also use the dried maybe leaves, which is the custodian, Mickey.

  • You just have to soak it in a little bit of water and let it be for about 5 10 minutes and then just drain out the water and then use those leaves still give you the nice, meaty flavor.

  • Now we're gonna work this into a dough, and we're going to need a couple of tablespoons of water, but it will depend on what kind of maybe you're using.

  • So we're gonna add about one tablespoon at a time just until it makes it in Thibodaux.

  • So are frozen made.

  • He had quite a bit of moisture in it, so one tablespoon of water is all we needed.

  • And we're just gonna work through this dome, make sure there's no lumps, and everything gets incorporated well, and it's okay.

  • It should be sticky like this.

  • And we also have oil heating up for deep frying, so it should be ready by the time the tea is ready.

  • So while our oil is heating up, we're gonna divide this dough into the small, small portions or the Muthiah.

  • And it's a really sticky dough because it is chickpea flour.

  • So we have a little bit of oil here.

  • We're just gonna soil our hands lightly, gonna help it not stick to our hands, and they're gonna take a very small portion.

  • Now this dough, when it's fried, it expands because the Suji is in there.

  • So you want to take a real small like about a teaspoon amount of portion, roll it in your hands and make it into an oval like that.

  • You'll have tiny little motels, bite size Metis, and we'll continue on and make all these motels and then fry them so materials are prepped and they made approximately 40 pieces.

  • So I think this is the perfect size one sip.

  • You know, pride, cattle mention they are going to become a little bigger and they're living perfect bite size pieces.

  • So the oil is hot, right?

  • And the other thing is, you could make him as big as you want.

  • Really?

  • But I know from experience everybody's fighting for the Muthiah when you put him in a review.

  • So if you make him a little smaller and bite size, they kind of spread around a little more and more people get to enjoy them.

  • So we're gonna fry these now.

  • Oil is hot.

  • It's really was heating up on medium heat.

  • And it's definitely not smoking.

  • You want that?

  • We're gonna start dropping the material now.

  • The tip is you might just want to be remembered of oil on the side, but your humanism back around that and then start dropping the junkie Daniel trying.

  • Please be very careful.

  • We're gonna gently move the chair around a little bit so that they get people calorie and allow them to.

  • Some of them looked on those ones out with into the site, but all the excess oil out Think of people lined Taliban plate just transferred Parramatta our fright and their beautiful golden brown color.

  • And like we said, you could have this with t.

  • Just enjoy them by themselves, or you can use them in with you.

  • So there you go.

  • We're gonna keep these sites.

  • So join us again for you next time on show me the way you are.


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Muthiya (for Undhiyu) Gujarati Recipe | Show Me The Curry

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