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  • - [Joe] I think, like everybody, I'm interested in stories

  • about ghosts or extraterrestrials.

  • Some people would say, "Well don't explain that,

  • "don't explain that.

  • "I wanna believe that."

  • People call me a debunker.

  • They say I'm trying to disprove;

  • I'm raining on their parade,

  • and you know what?

  • I don't apologize at all for trying to find the truth.

  • - [News Reporter] And Joe Nickell from the Committee

  • for Skeptical Inquiry.

  • - [Announcer] We've invited renowned skeptic, Joe Nickell,

  • to meet Cora Lorenzo.

  • - This medieval superstition has got to go.

  • And this is really just, just silly.

  • I'm Joe Nickell, and I'm a paranormal investigator.

  • I investigate everything from monsters, ghosts,

  • aliens, psychics, for a science organization

  • and the magazine, Skeptical Inquirer.

  • I knew at the age of eight that I was a detective,

  • but I eventually became a stage magician.

  • Oh my goodness!

  • My models were Harry Houdini and other magicians

  • who used their magic talents to expose trickery.

  • And meanwhile, like everybody, I was curious

  • about haunted houses and flying saucers,

  • and I decided I wanted to do something like that.

  • I've written about 40 books, primarily on mysteries.

  • A lot of cases were miracle claims

  • or some kind of religious claims.

  • Spontaneous human combustion, lake monster mysteries,

  • crop circles, UFO sightings, chupacabras,

  • ghosts, Bigfoot.

  • (paper shuffling)

  • What I'm trying to do is actually investigate,

  • looking for facts and clues.

  • As you begin to put together a case file,

  • you fill the file folder with what data you have,

  • and then trying to find actually corroborative evidence,

  • so that I can try to explain what's happening,

  • explain a UFO sighting.

  • My explanations are often quite mundane.

  • People report seeing these long-necked,

  • multi-humped lake monsters.

  • There are many things that can create the illusion

  • of a lake monster, including two, or three, or four otters

  • swimming in line,

  • which create the effect of one large creature.

  • Bigfoot is a tall, hairy, bipedal creature.

  • There is a creature that looks very much like Bigfoot.

  • That is a black bear or a brown bear,

  • standing, sniffing the air and walking about.

  • People driving by an old mansion in the little community

  • of Burt, New York sometimes reported seeing a ghostly figure

  • dressed in white.

  • As it turns out, they'd had a mannequin dressed in white

  • in the window and that was responsible

  • for many of those sightings.

  • I think part of me would like for there to be ghosts,

  • and for there to be extraterrestrials,

  • but I've done this a long time and I'm pretty sure

  • that ghosts don't exist.

  • Even the skeptics who like what I do will often,

  • their first reaction is hmm, that's pretty obvious.

  • Everything is obvious after it's been explained.

  • (fun chiming music)

- [Joe] I think, like everybody, I'm interested in stories

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The Ghost Hunter Who Doesn't Believe in Ghosts

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