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  • There's a lot of cola duty players out there that aren't happy.

  • Now they want something real and they're thinking of making the switch the battlefield.

  • But remember this killer new battlefield three rolled dice food trigger together up all night playing Battlefield three This is the life of a new killer Knew together to kill Ah NIU killer I got my re kon class You will never see me coming Sniper rifle on my back Pull the trigger pop shots my enemies drop they send me voicemails Prime site, please.

  • That a few three The best you've ever seen The graphics in this game will have you feeling like a dream Like David after death to sing Is this real right?

  • You even feel the pain When I cut you with beta I was crazy addicted I brought me a free home to discuss Kissed it What?

  • My kiss Soft drink with disc in feeling like a kid on the morning of Christmas.

  • Speaking of Christmas, I got so many Rifkin's need to see the paper even tow list them Market kills update My skills are Ridic given duty against kids rolled dice trigger new giver up all night playing Battlefield three.

  • This is the life of a way Little halo a little C U D Mix the two together.

  • Then what you get is being free.

  • You can either run and gun.

  • Forget about in the rust you can even not into a second blow everything up.

  • But as for me, I get high tech to the sky.

  • They do not stand a chance when I have him in my sights doing barrel rolls.

  • Just call me star.

  • I hope you brought your payments.

  • You because you're take a minute.

  • Here's a Snickers stare at the death screen.

  • Give you time to think about if you wanna leave, go.

  • Wanna go?

  • Maybe you can change squad my team way.

  • Never see the work crews were going a winning streak.

  • Got the laser on my site and a credible advice.

  • Don't shine it in my face.

  • You are going to hurt my eyes.

  • Stupid news.

  • I prefer the flashlight.

  • It's like a big dice booth that was seen anything so beautiful.

  • Cutting edge grabbed Nick spectacular visuals colored fantastic.

  • Take my breath away.

  • Asthmatic corners drowned out by tranquility like static.

  • No wonder it's a game of 2011 collecting awards like they were falling.

  • Now the heaven capturing the essence of war help us remember the freedom we have so will appreciate it better.

  • Thanks, dice.

  • It's incredible.

  • Frost bite.

  • Take inviting and audio brand new heights.

  • Empathy moves so we can look back and be like Check out the six clip but these news dual knife.

  • And now we'll leave you with this CEO players somebody.

  • You might even be battlefield haters if you win Ricky board up.

  • W three.

  • Come on over, But you can't because you heard about me.

  • New battlefield.

  • Roll the dice.

  • Bigger new giver up all night Playing that field three.

  • This is the life of a new new Hello Friends.

  • It's Bryce Side.

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  • Also, make sure you answer the question of the day and leave a comment below, because I'm gonna pick one lucky person at random to get a free copy of Battlefield three for the platform of their choice.

  • The MP three and lyrics Aaron.

  • The description.

There's a lot of cola duty players out there that aren't happy.

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B2 H-INT battlefield giver trigger killer rolled duty


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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/25
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