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  • Hey, kids, today we're making a super fast and super easy recipe.

  • It's called Batty Bikes Popcorn mix.

  • If you two best for creative cooking and crafty, I'm gonna pop some popcorn when the popcorn's done.

  • I am going to my melting way for us, and I'm going to melt them and microwave.

  • So let's get this going.

  • That son Morehead on what?

  • Your popcorn into your bowl and Mel to your chocolate.

  • Now, some really easy things that you could do it you can use, um, popcorn bags.

  • You know, you don't have to pop real popcorn if you don't want, and you can use chocolate chips melting.

  • You don't have to use the dark wafers.

  • They're just what I have available.

  • As always, use what you have available because most kitchens don't have as much of the set up stuff that I have.

  • So anyway, I'm gonna know my wafers, so we'll get back in a sec.

  • All right, 30 seconds west.

  • More than enough.

  • So wait, are going to Oh, well, I guess so much for drizzly.

  • We're gonna get this chocolate in there.

  • We're gonna toss it around in credit.

  • Getting coated on as many as much of the port as possible.

  • You can do this.

  • And big bathroom.

  • I am going to just a small batch because I don't wanna have things go to waste more about chocolate If I I always use as much as you can coming a little wasted possible thing.

  • Now we're gonna Sprinkle this with some Candies and Sprinkles on some candy corn to make it right.

  • I'm gonna add in some chocolate Jimmies or chocolate Sprinkles, which you can't really see very well.

  • So I think I'll get some of my candy corn colored ones.

  • Just use what you have available these air available, especially during the holidays and at Wal Mart near the Halloween section.

  • Or you can go into their baking sections.

  • Sometimes if you go into their like, they're winning area, you know where they have treats and stuff like that.

  • Wow.

  • They got covered.

  • They don't look as fast.

  • So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna place this into the refrigerator on.

  • We're gonna let them chill.

  • Sorry I kept you off balance there on.

  • We'll be back.

  • You should smoke my refrigerator.

  • It smells a very come on, Pop.

  • Corny.

  • Who stuck together really good.

  • I was hoping I was going to be able to get a tonight's a bunch of it before sticking it in that bull.

  • But it's so stuff together.

  • I might have to work with this with my hands.

  • Let me taste this.

  • You know that corn off the loose or whatever.

  • Popcorn.

  • Awful.

  • If you spend all that money on, you could make it right at home.

  • Just here.

  • So there you go.

  • Batty bites.

  • Popcorn mix.

  • Enjoy.

Hey, kids, today we're making a super fast and super easy recipe.

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Halloween Popcorn aka Batty Bites

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/03/25
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