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  • everyone i'm jeff and this is my friend mike. Today were talking about Tell me about yourself.

  • and we are known as the interview guides

  • and today we're coming to you live from a deserted island they let jeff messages

  • come for you and that bottle yeah i already read it might it says

  • here at all

  • anyway today we'll look at the question tell me about yourself

  • thanks for that jeff

  • as you know this is one of most commonly asked job interview questions and if you

  • don't know what you're doing it can also be one of the toughest but don't worry

  • folks because here you guys are here to help

  • thanks captain cheesy okay so let's get started let's imagine that jeff was an

  • interview

  • so check why don't you start by telling me about yourself well i'm from seattle

  • washington find joy mountain biking in cooking and my favorite color is the

  • sorry jeff

  • but is not the way dance to that question let's take a look at where you

  • might run ok so there's three main points that you need to remember when

  • answering this question what's the first one jeff

  • well as you saw my bad answer you absolutely do not want to go on and on

  • about your personal life ur hobbies and interests

  • tweeting appoint number two

  • i want to include specific work it cheapens from your past your answer

  • but there's one final trek is in danger

  • that's right mike

  • is always a good idea to make your strengths and abilities your answer ok

  • jeff well that's getting another shot at it

  • suggest what did you stop by telling me about yourself well i've been in sales

  • the last five years my most recent spirits is in the retail industry where

  • i was a manager of the company shoe company

  • i was personally responsible for a thirty percent increase in sales over

  • the last year

  • i'd say that my main strength is my leadership ability which was ever in the

  • way i'm entered my sales team to reach our lofty goals

  • when looking for the company that values teamwork in the group dynamic where i

  • can join a strong team and have a positive impact on the team dynamic and

  • self-evident

  • outstanding work jeffrey waiting is the three points we talked about effectively

  • so did you see the difference

  • the first time answered ideal wishy washy was spots that were taking out of

  • the running right away

  • in the second answer you mentioned in achievement and back it up with when

  • your strengths and how would help you in your new role

  • good job

  • thanks mike

  • but we're not out of the words yet are we

  • there's one more thing that all the top job seekers in the world to an end nine

  • nine percent of people screw-up millions of people are failing to do this and as

  • a result they're not getting jobs

  • anybody knows this but in my second answer i said something that was sealed

  • the deal and got me the job jeff is right we like to call it

  • and it is the method used by all the top job seekers in the world

  • as we always say

  • need to tailor your answers to the company your interviewing with

  • ec each company is looking for some specific traits he have to make sure you

  • demonstrating your answers that you have the streets

  • this is an incredibly powerful method let's use your only known exactly what

  • the company is looking for

  • now there's a lot more to the tailoring method than we have time to go over in

  • this video but don't worry because they've got a free special report for

  • you that breaks down the entire method step-by-step

  • where jeff and might be have you guys and thanks for watching

  • now click the button the just appeared on the neck screen simply enter your

  • best email and you'll get instant access to the special poor

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everyone i'm jeff and this is my friend mike. Today were talking about Tell me about yourself.

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Tell Me About Yourself: Good Answer To This Tough Interview Question (Avoid #1 Interview Mistake)

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