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  • Welcome to Steaks 101: Know Your Cuts. With so many different cuts of steak out there,

  • how do you know which one to choose? Today, were going to learn it all. As we look

  • at each steak, well discuss four main points: appearance, flavor, aroma, and texture. Let’s

  • dive right in.

  • These are filets, also called tenderloins or filet mignons. It’s a round steak with

  • mild beef flavor and mild aroma, and it’s the most tender steak of all. In fact, it’s

  • our customer favorite.

  • Here we have some ribeyes, also known as Delmonico steak, Spencer steak, and filet of prime rib.

  • It’s an oval steak with a kernel of fat called the eye. They have a medium beef aroma,

  • and are about halfway between tender and firm. Because they are naturally rich, people who

  • love bold beef flavor love ribeyes.

  • The next steak is my favorite steak, the New York strip, also known as the strip loin.

  • It’s a long narrow steak with strong beef flavor and strong beef aroma. It has a medium

  • to firm texture and is naturally very well-marbled.

  • Here are top-sirloins. As the name implies, they are cut from the top of the sirloin.

  • They have a very strong beef aroma and a firm texture. The flavor of this steak is bold

  • and distinctly different.

  • Next, we have the flatiron steak. It’s a rectangle shape with a tender texture and

  • medium beef aroma and flavor. You get great value and great flavortry them with your

  • favorite marinade.

  • Here are the T-bone and porterhouses. These are a combination of the strip loin and the

  • filet, with that familiar T-shaped bone in between. The difference between the T-bone

  • and the porter house is that the porterhouse has a larger portion of filet. These are the

  • best of both worlds with the mildness of the filet, mixed with the strong classic flavor

  • and texture of the New York strip. Plus, the bone-in cooking adds great extra flavor and

  • juiciness.

  • And that’s an overview of your main steak cuts. Try them all and see which one you like

  • best.

Welcome to Steaks 101: Know Your Cuts. With so many different cuts of steak out there,

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Know Your Steak Cuts

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