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  • How many different sign languages [are there] in the world?

  • Just one? Is sign language universal?

  • A couple?

  • Are they different in each continent?

  • There are at least 126 sign languages in the world.

  • Technically, each country has their own sign language.

  • British Sign Language and American Sign Language are completely different,

  • even both speak English.

  • How many people use sign language?

  • People may think sign language is a minor language,

  • but sign language is the 4th largest language in [the] States, next to Chinese.

  • Sign language is not a tool for communication between deaf people and hearing people.

  • Each sign language has their own grammar, words and a question.

  • But, when I talk about sign language,

  • I hear a same phrase a lot of time.

  • Hey, sign language is not universal? Why not? It's just for the gestures.

  • It's got to be nice that the people can talk to anybody in the world without any interpretation.

  • That will be fantastic.

  • OK, I understand what they want to say.

  • But, even body language does not have universal language.

  • Why could sign language?

  • A lot of people learn English all over the world,

  • but still English is not our universal language.

  • A lot of people use Chinese in their daily lives.

  • What about Esperanto?

  • Why don't we have universal language?

  • People may consider pronunciation and accent.

  • It could be true, but cultural difference and histories are more important.

  • For example, cheating. Like to cheat someone or [betray].

  • In American sign language, cheating is like this.

  • What is this?

  • This is a wall and the person is hiding from someone, so this is a "spy".

  • What about Japanese sign language?

  • What is this?

  • This is a fox.

  • In Japanese old stories, a fox is a typical animal which cheats people.

  • They changed themselves into humans and stole something from people.

  • A spy cheats people in America and a fox cheats people in Japan.

  • Is this pronunciation? It's a cultural difference.

  • Now you can start to begin [to see]

  • that it's going to be really hard to make sign language universal.

  • Sign language is linguistically a language.

  • There are a lot of native signers, whose mother tongues are sign language.

  • They think, dream and live in sign language.

  • Now let's talk about myself a little bit.

  • I personally don't have any deaf people in my family.

  • And also, I did not have any deaf friends, until I started learning sign language.

  • But, when I saw the sign language [for the] first time, I just fell in love,

  • because sign language is such a beautiful language.

  • So I started to learn sign language when I was 20 years old,

  • which is 5 years ago.

  • So when you, when people learn any language, you need dictionaries.

  • Most Japanese people learn English.

  • So we have a Japanese to English dictionary and an English to Japanese dictionary.

  • We need both.

  • What about the case with sign language?

  • We have a Japanese to Japanese sign language dictionary

  • and an English to American sign language dictionary,

  • but we don't have a Japanese sign language to Japanese dictionary

  • [or] an American sign language to English dictionary.

  • When you saw me use sign language at the beginning of this presentation,

  • you [had] no idea what I said.

  • Then - how do you search [for] those signs?

  • SLinto is the place you can find the world's first sign language keyboard.

  • You can type the key for the fingers and the place of your hands,

  • then you can search the words in sign language.

  • Finally, you can get the meaning in your language.

  • SLinto is not only for Japanese [people] and Americans,

  • this platform can be used [for] all sign languages in the world.

  • This is a crowdsourced dictionary,

  • so you can join us to create this dictionary.

  • You can just take a video of sign language, and upload - like YouTube,

  • edit - like Wikipedia and share - like Facebook.

  • Today is the first day of a totally new type of dictionary in history.

  • Tech for the Deaf. Thank you.

  • (Applause)


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【TEDx】Tech for the deaf: How to search for words in sign language: Junto Ohki at TEDxTokyo

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