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  • COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, we got to check focus.

  • Ah, who care about focus?

  • Hello.

  • Me Cookie Monster.

  • Me know many of you think of me as cookie eating fanatic

  • bordering on glutton.

  • Actually, me prefer the term cookie enthusiast.

  • Yeah.

  • But there are more to me than that.

  • Yeah.

  • And me want to show the world.

  • So, me think that the time to branch out beyond me cookie

  • eating career.

  • Yeah.

  • Me ready for next logical step, hosting "Saturday Night

  • Live." Where On button?

  • Oh.

  • OK, me can tell you still need little bit of convincing.

  • That why me made audition tape.

  • Yeah.

  • Me show you that, uh, me be great host of "Saturday Night

  • Live." So here it is, whole show, in just few minutes.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, and live from New York, it's Saturday night!


  • COOKIE MONSTER: Thank you.

  • Yeah, it great to be here hosting "Saturday Night Live."

  • Blah, blah, blah.

  • Cookie joke, cookie joke, cookie joke.

  • We got great show, so stick around, we be right back.

  • Macarooner!

  • Macarooner, your macaroon cookie trapped in that Quickie

  • Bake Oven, and it about to blow!

  • Don't worry, me on it.

  • Uh, hand me that paper clip.

  • Sure thing, Macarooner.

  • On nom nom nom!

  • On nom, on nom nom nom!

  • Om!

  • Om nom nom!

  • Oh, om, om nom nom nom nom nom.

  • Ah, me knew me could diffuse the--

  • Macarooner!

  • This just in.

  • World famous dough guy stayed out in sun too

  • long and got baked.

  • When reached for comment, all he say is me feel crummy.

  • Ladies and gentleman, Monster Gaga.

  • (SINGING) Me me me cookie face me me cookie face.

  • On nom nom nom.

  • Nom nom.

  • Me me me cookie face.

  • Me me cookie face.

  • It been great week.

  • Me like to thank Bettie Crocker, Sara Lee, Little

  • Debbie, and Lorne Michaels.

  • Bye bye.

  • There you have it.

  • Helped Cookie Monster take this viral.

  • Yeah.

  • Send this to all you friends.

  • Sorry.

  • Me mean "friends," and tell them to join this group to get

  • me, Cookie Monster, to host "Saturday

  • Night Live." Yeah.

  • Me time has come.

  • And now the time has come for this cookie!

  • On nom nom, nom nom, oh, nom nom nom nom.

  • Nom nom.

  • Bye bye.

  • Oh.

  • Turn off the camera.

COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, we got to check focus.

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Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Auditions for Saturday Night Live

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    蔡政   posted on 2014/02/28

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