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  • Hi! I'm Rachel Csenar and I'm a sophomore studying Hospitality Management, Marketing,

  • with a minor in International Business.

  • Hi! My name is Hayley Ramser.

  • I'm a Marketing major with a double minor in International Business and Fashion Merchandizing,

  • and this past summer, we studied in Taiwan with the COBE in Taiwan program,

  • for six and a half weeks. During this program, students have the

  • opportunity to receive credit for a business internship

  • and two business electives.

  • The cost of this trip is five thousand dollars but with scholarship that's offered through

  • the business building it will be on average $2500.

  • The average student will spend about $600 on this trip.

  • That includes eating, additional living expenses, excursions, and any shopping that you do.

  • We actually worked it out and we saved money by living in Taiwan for a month and a half.

  • We would have spent more money living at home in America

  • On Monday, we would

  • take Chinese classes from 9 to 12

  • and we would have

  • a lunch break and then we would do an enterprise visit.

  • We did three of those while we were there and

  • there's a variety of businesses that you will see while you are there and

  • they're all really interesting, and then you have the rest of the evening free,

  • to do homework, or just explore the city and hangout.

  • On the weekends is when we would get to do a lot of fun stuff,

  • like one day we got to go to

  • Taipei for the weekend and we got to go in Taipei 101.

  • It's the second largest building in the world, or kenting was everyone's favorite

  • when we got to go for a mini vacation during our vacation during the summer.

  • That was incredible.

  • Going on this trip has helped me in a lot of different ways.

  • For one, if I'm talking to a perspective employer,

  • just gives me an edge to say, "Oh hey, I studied in Taiwan

  • and I know a little bit of Chinese. So that's a big help.

  • And also, I think it just helped me grow as a person. I learned a lot about myself over the summer.

  • and I've made so many friends.

  • I met other people here at Ashland that I may not have met otherwise.

  • Just being there and seeing and interacting with people, not only in the business place,

  • but just in every day lives

  • and how their culture is so different,

  • we're all the same people in the end.

  • Going on this trip just really opened my eyes to how small our world really is and

  • the amazing things out there that we wouldn't have experienced if we stayed in Ashland.

Hi! I'm Rachel Csenar and I'm a sophomore studying Hospitality Management, Marketing,

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COBE in Taiwan 2014

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