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  • See our minds have become messed up and their now filled with pollution

  • Tv screens and magazines we're beginning to look for a solution

  • Plastic surgery, diets and pills but still not seeing any form of improvement

  • We've stacked up all these dollar bills but still not sure what to do with them

  • We began to chase women and fornication to the point our girls don't even know who's

  • baby she's carrying We're so afraid of commitment but have no

  • problem with damaging She has your kids now but your still not even

  • contemplating the possibility of marrying See this is what happens when we neglected

  • Allah's best examples you call her Mary, but we call her Mariam

  • A women who was perfect since birth The best to walk the skies and the best to

  • walk the surfaces of earth. The most exalted of all women, that's why

  • she was dedicated an entire chapter In the Holy Quran the final revelation in

  • which there will be none after

  • She was the best of all women, and to society she should be leading the way

  • I mean that's why our women be dressing like her, coz just like Mary, when Allah decrees

  • something we hear and we obey

  • See Mary used to cover up, despite everything they used to say

  • She would hide in hibernation, and to Allah she would pray

  • And when she was visited by Angels in the form of men, she said if you fear Allah you

  • would go away! Because in the presence of men she would not

  • stay

  • But anyways today were taught to be against segregation

  • Yet for in support of all forms of liberation To free yourself from the clothes that only

  • lead to your degradation why do you got to cover your face for? we

  • got to see your identification But little do they know her identities right

  • there a women who fears Allah and commits to her religious obligations

  • See I respect all women to because thats what my religion teaches

  • To lower your gaze when your walking there's no need to check out every women's features

  • There's no need to even shake another women's hand because in reality theres only one reason

  • why a guy would be pleased to meet you And you can go ahead and deny it but don't

  • blame me for stating the obvious When the pornographic industry is worth billions

  • you still don't see where the problem is Sex is embedded into society to the point

  • we'll exploit it to merely sell a car So you can act like this is all new to you

  • but you know for a fact How innocent we really are

  • How about we look at the simplistic way we're taught to dress

  • It's like if you dress less than your destined for success

  • You then force your women into heels and have the nerve to say that we oppress

  • You got her to dress up tightly I mean its an opportunity

  • But every time we loose our mind, its like see what these ladies do to me

  • But I'm not blaming it on the women because we too have a responsibility

  • Prophet Muhammad said the best of men, is he who is best in his character

  • and the best of them, is he who is best to his lady after he married her

  • He was the best to his wives I mean just take a look at Aisha

  • He'd compete her in races and smile just to make her happier

  • So when you do marry - do so with the intention of only Paradise is where to you should plan

  • to carry her

  • So the next time you think about carrying her to the alter, maybe you should alter your

  • decision Because if the only reason your marrying her

  • for is the outside then realise you'll be locked inside of a prison

  • For that reason, Prophet Muhammad said marry for four: Beauty, family, status but most

  • importantly religion Because a women without religion is a women

  • who could do with a bit of extra wisdom We're meant to grow old together, mercifully

  • so we could be protected by Allah's supervision.

  • But relationships are a mess and there's no guarantees your going to be a survivor

  • So be kind to her and know that Allah will be kinder

  • Be a man who stands in front but also a man who can stand beside her

  • And if your still looking for that good girl don't go chasing after behind her,

  • Rather search to find Allah first, for once you find Him your guaranteed to find her.

See our minds have become messed up and their now filled with pollution

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    Romecca Liu posted on 2014/02/26
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