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  • Joe: Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I'm joined by Michael Stewart.

  • Today, we'll be discussing Chapter 2 from Volume 2 in the "Basic Elements of the Christian Life."

  • The title of this chapter is "A Simple Way to Touch the Lord." Michael, to start our

  • discussion today, I'd like to ask one question, and the question is this:

  • What is the ultimate goal or objective of the Christian walk?

  • Michael: Well, Joe, the ultimate goal of our Christian walk is revealed by Paul in Philippians

  • chapter three verse ten, "To know Him, and the power of His resurrection."

  • Also, in the book of Philippians (chapter one) Paul says, "For to me to live is Christ."

  • And then in Colossians 3:4 Paul talks about Christ being our life. So, experiencing Christ in

  • a living way, knowing Him experientially is the goal of our Christian life and walk.

  • Joe: So experiencing Christ and knowing Him in an experiential way is the goal of our

  • Christian life and walk. In the booklet it goes on to talk about Romans 5:10 which says

  • that, "Much more we will be saved in His life."

  • Michael: Sure.

  • Joe: Can you talk about this much more salvation?

  • Michael: Certainly, I'd just like to read the whole verse it says, "For if we being

  • enemies were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more we will be saved

  • in His life having been reconciled." So Paul is telling us here that there is an experience

  • of God, an experience of Christ that is beyond his redemption. Much more we will be saved

  • in His life having been reconciled.

  • Joe: Okay, so first we saw the goal of the Christian life is to experience Christ, and

  • then now there's this much more salvation from Romans 5:10. Can you talk a little about

  • bit how we can enter into this much more salvation?

  • Michael: Sure, well the Bible reveals in John, the Gospel of John that our Lord Jesus Christ

  • was God, He was with God in the beginning and was God. In John 1:14 we're told that

  • "The Word became flesh and tabernacle among us." So, our Lord Jesus Christ became a man,

  • He lived a human life was crucified for our sins, redeeming us, was buried and three

  • days later He was resurrected. On the evening of His resurrection, according to John 20:22

  • it says He came into a room where His disciples were and in that verse, I'll just also read this verse to you it says that,

  • "When He had said this, He breathed into them and said to them, receive the Holy Spirit."

  • And then 2 Corinthians 3:17 says, "The Lord is the Spirit."

  • And First Corinthians 15:45b says the last Adam, referring to Christ, became a life-giving Spirit. So the key to experiencing

  • God's "much more salvation" is our experience of Christ as the one who is indwelling us,

  • that is living in our hearts, making home in our hearts as the Spirit. The last Adam

  • became a life-giving Spirit, and we can experience and enjoy Him in our spirit.

  • Joe: So in this video, we've first seen that the goal of the Christian walk is to

  • experience Christ and enjoy Christ. Now we also saw that there is a "much more salvation,"

  • where God's desire is to save us much more in Christ's life. And then lastly, we saw

  • how the Lord and how God made it possible for us to experience Him and enjoy Him.

  • Michael: Right.

  • Joe: So, this has been a very enjoyable segment. Thank you for joining us, and thank you all

  • for joining us. We look forward to the next segment on this chapter.

Joe: Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I'm joined by Michael Stewart.

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A Simple Way to Touch the Lord, Part 1 of 3

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