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  • Everybody is familiar with that basic diagram, everybody familiar? Excellent. As we step

  • back and take a look at the coaching process, more to 10,000 meter look. Step back a little

  • bit and asked a question- What is coaching fundamentally? I mean we can get into the

  • model right away and a lot of people in fact asked me yesterday. She said, "Where did this

  • model come from?" And to be honest with you, it was quite an accident. About twenty five

  • years ago, myself and my partner was asked to put together performance management system

  • much like yours. We did lot of training on performance reviews, how to write objectives

  • and quite by accident, we used the word "coaching" as the tool or the mechanism to really keep

  • everything together so that when people get to the end of the year and they have their

  • performance reviews, no one's surprised. We said that's the key. But managers kept coming

  • back to us twenty five years ago and saying "What is coaching exactly? Exactly how do

  • I do it? What are the actions and the behaviors?" And that's where it all started- what is coaching?

  • Let me pick out my five words. You have touched on some of my thing perhaps. I have asked

  • thousands of managers defined from me what you think coaching means and depending on

  • the culture, and some cultures quite honestly, the word coaching is a little hard to define.

  • The root meaning of coaching, I think, is basically to transfer, to carry, to transport.

  • That's the root meaning of coaching. But when I talked to managers, I can boil it all down.

  • I have heard a lot of good words, visions, inspire, mentor and able. I like these five

  • words- number one; I heard this first, development. And that's pretty important advisor -developing

  • people. I think we have to be good at doing that, sharing our skills, sharing our expertise

  • with our representatives, if we are going to be successful out in the field. Another

  • keyword that I like is relationships. I think you have to be good at building comfortable

  • relationships with your representatives, because I think the test of a good coach is if your

  • coaches, if your representative will come to you. Because we discovered early on, when

  • you are coaching 80% of the time, that's a big number. 80% of the times the person you

  • are coaching, that representative if you are out on a field visit, 80% of the time they

  • already know where they need help. 80 percent of the time! So again, I think if we can build

  • a relationships that's comfortable where we drive out fear where we can get that representative

  • to raise their hands and say, "I need a little help of my closing skills, "or, "I am having

  • trouble overcoming objections, I need to learn product knowledge a little better. Or I need

  • to understand these values a little bit better. "I think that would be the ideal situation.

  • So we are not always seeking them out. They are coming to us for help. So building relationships,

  • development is the key word. Another key word that I like is direction. I think as district

  • managers, as regional managers which most of you are, we have to let those folks know

  • what's expected, where we are headed with the business , what's going to be happening

  • and how they can contribute. I think that is critical to clarify expectations and directions.

  • So relationships, direction, development. The fourth word I would like to use is a tougher

  • word- it's accountability. I think we have a stewardship as leaders in this organization

  • to give people constructive, honest, helpful feedback. They need to know how they are doing,

  • where they are going, and if they are contributing to the overall mission of your district in

  • your region. So accountability is important. The last word I would pick is results. All

  • coaches that I have talked to, they want results, they want

  • to succeed.

Everybody is familiar with that basic diagram, everybody familiar? Excellent. As we step

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Coaching Employees: 5 Coaching Power Words

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