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  • I can easily watch an entire series in a single day.

  • Two days.

  • Ten hours of television a day, and I didn't even like it.

  • [Why do we binge-watch?]

  • [Half of us have binge-watched eight hours of a TV show in one go.]

  • [80 percent have sacrificed sleep.]

  • [One in five British workers admit to...]

  • Bingeing started by accident.

  • Netflix had realised that loads of people were gravitating towards watching shows in bulk, be that shows that you've seen before — "Friends", "Seinfeld", "Law & Order", "ER".

  • That's the surprise about itit's led by the consumer.

  • The way that Netflix tries to nudge you to watch more, it's very subtle little tricks.

  • They work out very quickly when a show launches, which thumbnail is working.

  • Why?

  • Also, getting to the very end of an episode and immediately the credits, they minimise it right to the corner of the screen straight away and automatically load the next episode.

  • That's how you sometimes get sucked into watching a show for three hours without even noticing.

  • I have found that people are deeply embarrassed by how much they watch TV.

  • Deeply embarrassed to not be productive and take time off and say, "Actually, I watched six hours of television today because I needed to not look at five different tabs on a work computer, I just needed to..."

  • We also binge to be part of the public conversation.

  • [Nearly 1/4 of us have lied about watching a series because other people were talking about it.]

  • Yeah, I love "Fleabag"!

  • So I think there is an anxiety about being caught up about this content, which is forcing people to binge more also.

  • When we can identify with a character, it leads to the release of the love hormone oxytocin.

  • It creates a bond.

  • "We have had such a wonderful morning."

  • A series like "Big Little Lies", which allows you to look at the same event through the eyes of very different characters, you're bound to be able to find a character that you can relate to and go on the journey with.

  • "If you ever touch my little girl like that again, you're gonna be in big trouble."

  • [So are there benefits to binge-watching?]

  • If we're making time to watch a series end-to-end, we are potentially creating hours of space to work with our emotions, our relationships.

  • [There was a 41 percent leap in the number of couples seeking counselling after "Love Island" 2019 began airing.]

  • I have probably watched television with over 700 people, and so I've experienced a lot of people having big emotions.

  • "No-one's fun anymore, whatever happened to fun!"

  • The episode "Splats!" of Sex and the City, which is the one where Kristen Johnston falls out of a window causes people a lot of emotions because it's an episode about moving on from something.

  • "I wanna go to Paris."

  • Our brains don't discriminate between real activation and activation due to imagined events.

  • [Binge-watching is not just about relaxing.]

  • [What we watch can have an effect on our nervous system.]

  • Binge-watching means that you're activating yourself to a high degree for much longer periods of time.

  • That's going to take longer for you to come down from that.

  • Episode four of "Game of Thrones" where Missandei is beheaded, a much beloved character, it's a very graphic death, will have triggered the sympathetic nervous system.

  • [Graphic content]

  • It wouldn't be conducive to a good night's sleep.

  • [Video on demand is changing the way stories are told.]

  • [Series are designed with bingeing in mind.]

  • What makes Netflix stand out so well is the fact that they're able to really experiment with the number of characters that are in the number of story arcs.

  • Netflix knows that you're never going to watch a show midway through, you're never going to start in the middle, you're always going to start from the very beginning.

  • So that's why you've got "Orange Is the New Black", which has a cast of about 40.

  • So you're able to have that level of depth over an eight-hour series, than what you would normally do if it was separated into eight 60-minute chunks shoved on a linear broadcast channel.

  • "Bingeing" is a word that has very negative connotations to it, right?

  • Bingeing is to shovel yourself.

  • We don't say, "I binged a book."

  • But the reality is that some of the greatest writers of our generation are writing television.

  • I would be the last person to say stop binge-watching.

  • [Binge]

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I can easily watch an entire series in a single day.

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