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  • Hi, I'm Makayla.

  • I'm Canadian, but I live in Japan.

  • I'm a video blogger.

  • I usually make YouTube videos about my daily life here, but this time I'm on a new mission to go back to my country, Canada, and introduce it to both Japan and the world.

  • For two weeks, I'll be traveling across Canada by train, enjoying tons of new experiences, eating delicious local foods and making new friends.

  • And I'll be reporting all of my adventures back to you.

  • Sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission and via rail, thin is made in Canada.

  • We're in Manitoba, located in the very center of Canada.

  • There is a strong aboriginal presence in Manitoba, and because of that, the Aboriginal lifestyle and culture can be very easily experienced here.

  • And I don't throw this tracking us.

  • Yeah, very good way.

  • Over 55% of Manitoba's entire population lives in one city, Winnipeg, a charming city rich with Canadian culture and art.

  • You confined a museum for almost anything here.

  • The Art Gallery is the oldest civic gallery in all of Canada.

  • It even has a large collection of Inuit art collected from communities up north.

  • We don't hear much about Manitoba in Japan due to its location and its distance from major cities.

  • But if you ever find yourself on to be a rail traveling across Canada, but it's definitely worth stepping off the train.

  • But I found something interesting.

  • It's a trade, A trade is a trade and it's an arcade and it's got a candy shop inside.

  • Let's go check.

  • And now, after a brief stay in Winnipeg, we're heading to Toronto.

  • I've got people to see and things to Dio, but admittedly, I'm gonna miss being on the street.

Hi, I'm Makayla.

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[字幕付き] Made in Canada: A Short Stay In Winnipeg! 日本の知らないマニトバ州

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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