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  • [opening musical interlude plays]

  • [Sound of crickets in the background]

  • [soft footsteps]

  • [door squeaks]

  • [sound of footsteps becoming louder]

  • [Matt:] What are you doing out of bed?

  • [Coco:] I just think I need to read one more story.

  • [Matt:] Where's your pyjamas?

  • [Coco:] I just took them off.

  • [Matt:] You took them off? [Coco:] Yeah.

  • [Matt:] Okay. Well, go get them and bring them here,

  • well put them back on and then you got to go back to bed.

  • [Coco:] No.

  • Because I’m naked, I’m the boss.

  • [Matt:] That doesn’t actually qualify you to be the boss.

  • [Coco:] I’m the boss.

  • [Matt:] No. I’m the boss.

  • [Coco:] No. I’m the boss.

  • [Matt:] I’m the boss.

  • [Coco:] I’m the boss.

  • [Matt:] I’m the boss.

  • [Coco:] No. I’m the boss.

  • [Matt:] All right, Missy Magoo.

  • I think we all know who the real boss is.

  • The real boss is the one that does the tickling.

  • [Coco laughing]

  • [Coco:] Stop! [continues laughing]

  • [Matt:] Okay, go get your PJ’s on.

  • [Coco:] Okay.

  • [closing theme music]

  • [Captioning provided by Michael Lockrey]

[opening musical interlude plays]

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Convos With My 2 Year Old - EPISODE 2

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