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  • So, I have a background in technology and magic.

  • And magicians are interesting.

  • Their illusions accomplish what technology cannot.

  • But what happens when the technology of the day

  • seems almost magical?

  • What happens when you can do this?

  • (Music)

  • Now, 100 years ago,

  • that would have been the magic of levitation.

  • Is it possible to create illusions

  • in a world where technology makes anything possible?

  • Jump!

  • Now, if you know how the trick is done,

  • where is the illusion?

  • But still, our imagination is more powerful than our reasoning,

  • and it's easy to attribute personality to machines.

  • These are quadcopters.

  • But they are more than mechanical flying machines.

  • They analyze the environment around them

  • and react to everything I do.

  • At once, algorithms allow these autonomous machines to fly in close formation,

  • aware of each other

  • and aware of me --

  • mathematics that can be mistaken for intelligence,

  • and intelligence for personality.

  • Anthropomorphism: that's the illusion,

  • an illusion created by technology

  • and embroidered by our imagination

  • to become an intelligent flying robot,

  • a machine that appears to be alive.

  • (Music plays "Close Encounters of the Third Kind")

  • (Quadcopters make tones)

  • I think they say, "Hello."

  • Hey guys! Come on.

  • And time to land.

  • And that's it.

  • Thank you.

  • (Applause)

  • OK, guys, time to go home.

  • Everybody in here.

  • Come on, everybody, quickly, quickly.

  • No pushing, everybody can fit.

  • There you go, a little bit to the left, a little bit to the right.

  • Come on, everybody, everybody,

  • and ... good job!

  • (Cheers)

  • Thank you.

  • (Applause)

  • Thank you.

  • (Applause)

So, I have a background in technology and magic.

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