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  • so many heard promises heard around this country about the number of tests that would be available in this country.

  • First, we heard there would be a 1,000,000 tests for Corona virus than a promise of four million.

  • So tonight, where does that stand?

  • A reality check and at least two emergency room doctors we learned of tonight on the front lines of the outbreak from New Jersey to Washington state.

  • Now testing Positive Maur drive through testing sites are popping up like this one in San Antonio.

  • But medical professionals tonight we're hearing from say they lack the protective equipment, like what you see in Denver there that they say they need to have to stay safe.

  • And the threat to so many on the front lines the health care workers, the first responders because many who have the virus have no symptoms.

  • As we've learned, here's our chief national correspondent.

  • Backup in Tonight.

  • Tonight, America's hospitals and health care workers under siege.

  • Emergency room Doctor James Prudent testing positive for Corona virus.

  • The seven year old is now in isolation in Paterson, New Jersey, and tonight at the Life Care Center in King County, Washington.

  • 46 employees testing positive.

  • In another nursing home in the same town where 15 people have died, a doctor in his forties is infected.

  • Over 43 people have died in King County alone.

  • Hospitals around the country now reporting both a spike in incoming patients and a shortage of critical protective equipment also crucial to protecting themselves.

  • Hospitals scrambling to prepare for the onslaught Setting up tents outside emergency rooms.

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calling on President Trump to mobilize the military to build more hospitals.

  • You overwhelm the hospitals.

  • You have people on gurneys in hallways.

  • That is what is going to happen now if we do nothing.

  • Another critical matter.

  • Testing people lining up in cars for drive throughs.

  • Vice President Pence repeatedly saying Maur tests will be available by the weekend.

  • Another 1,000,000 tests will be shipped around the country.

  • The expectation that the end of next week four million tests will be sure.

  • But it's not as simple as just sending out the tests.

  • The health care workers need to be in full protective gear a number of states now, saying they're concerned about a shortage of protective gear to keep clinician safe.

  • This is something we're very concerned about.

  • Testing.

  • Numbers are also lagging.

  • New York has conducted roughly 7000 since the outbreak.

  • Public labs in North Carolina, however, have only done about 300.

  • And in South Korea, where the number of cases have flattened, 275,000 tests have been conducted now, even creating phone booth type sites.

  • Donovan Mitchell is an N B A player with the Utah Jazz.

  • He's in isolation after becoming infected and his case highlighting the need for more testing.

  • You know I don't have any symptoms.

  • That's the scariest part about this virus.

  • Is that you know, you may seem fine.

  • Be fine and you never know who you may be talking to, who they're going home to, even those who do get tested or having problems.

  • Amanda Foma Chan says her husband Tito's first test got lost, and they then had to complain to their governor before getting a second test, which was positive.

  • We still don't have the original test results that were sent out from Thursday, which is absolutely mind boggling to me.

  • These tires have got to be prioritized based on severity and acuity of these cases.

  • Something is very, very wrong.

  • I understand that everyone's learning as they go with this, but people that are in critical condition need those test results.

  • You know quickly, they don't have time to wait.

  • He's now in a Virginia.

  • I see you in critical condition.

  • We need to get those tests and the results back quicker than what we're seeing so far in this country.

  • Matt Gutman live from Cedar Sinai Hospital tonight and Matt, we can see those triage tents that you told us about right behind you tonight for testing patients.

  • But you're hearing that there's now confusion with all these private labs involved.

  • Process.

  • So money had new hope that they were being brought in, and certainly that's a good sign.

  • But then obvious King's ahead here.

  • That's right.

  • Labs Air saying that people are calling in thinking that they can get tested at the labs they cannot.

  • The labs are there specifically just to run the results and get the results for a particular swab.

  • The swabs were taken by medical professionals at clinics and hospitals.

  • Emergency rooms like the ones behind me and not everyone.

  • David can get tested right now.

  • It's really just health care workers, first responders and the people who are most vulnerable coming with acute symptoms.

  • David Matt Gutman, Our thanks to you again this evening.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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so many heard promises heard around this country about the number of tests that would be available in this country.

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