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  • and James joins us now live from quarantine in London.

  • We gotta ask you just right at the top.

  • But how are you feeling, James?

  • You're all right?

  • Yeah.

  • Feeling good?

  • Thank you, Lindsay.

  • This is just a precaution.

  • No symptoms, right?

  • Of course.

  • All right.

  • We just heard those strong words from the French and British prime ministers.

  • What are they doing To make sure France and Britain don't end up in the same precarious situation is Italy.

  • Yeah, well, Lindsay is actually really interesting.

  • Britain and France, actually, Britain and the rest of Europe taking a very different approach to Corona virus.

  • Here in the UK, we have so far had 10 deaths.

  • That's a lot fewer than Italy.

  • But we're told the peak of the virus here in Britain won't come for another two months.

  • And so we're hearing now from British officials that there are certain things that they're asking people to do their no foreign school trips.

  • For instance, there people are being advised if they're over 70 to not go on cruises, if there are any symptoms that you should stay at home for seven days.

  • But crucially, this larger shutdown is not happening.

  • in Britain, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland.

  • The list goes on of countries that are imposing much stricter and stricter measures on DSO.

  • Britain is doing something which basically British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says will enable immunity in the long term.

  • He thinks that it will, you know, will give us some kind of herd immunity, and that would allow the virus to pass through the population on only protect, particularly groups that are at particular risk.

  • So the elderly and hospitals.

  • The problem with that critics will say here in Britain, is that there's no vaccine and you can actually get this illness more than once.

  • So actually a lot of people could be at high risk.

  • So a big disparity between what Britain is doing and France we heard McAda speaking universities closed.

  • Schools are closed.

  • In fact, every single level of the education system all shut down on these are measures that Europeans are taking across the continent.

  • We'll have to see whether there's a huge divergence in the cases in the in the weeks and months going forward.

  • One last thing that I have to say.

  • It's quite interesting that Donald Trump decided to ban A ll travel from Europe even though they are taking.

  • He's quite extraordinary measures of social social distancing.

  • And yet Britain is not doing that yet.

  • Donald Trump has allowed travel from the United Kingdom.

  • So a lot of questions here about exactly why that happened.

  • And I was just making sure I heard you correctly.

  • So you can for sure get it more than once.

  • Yeah, well, that's the advice here in Britain is that you can get it.

  • There's no vaccine, so you get it again.

  • It's It's a little bit like the flu.

  • I mean, you can get vaccinated against the flu, get it on, not get it one season, but you can get it again.

  • So I think the point is, is that whether or not you can or can't?

  • There's so much uncertainty.

  • So why would Britain be taking this chance?

  • Okay, James Longley.

  • We appreciate that.

  • Thank you.

  • And earlier we spoke to a doctor in Milan.

  • He works in one of Italy's largest hospitals for infectious diseases.

  • He describes what he's been seeing in his hospital and what the situation is on the ground there.

  • For these kind off epidemic.

  • We are forever I'm prepared.

  • It is impossible to imagine tohave the number off bads off intensive care unit to sufficient toe offer assistance to everybody is such a situation.

  • There is a large quantity of patience, and every five minutes probably we have another admission.

  • In other words, there is a balance between the notes through the meat and the possibility of sand.

  • We have also young people with which serious disease off patients needing a sister should increase, at least for another week or two.

  • It is our best hope that Italy is not a sign of things to come here.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

  • Thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel.

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and James joins us now live from quarantine in London.

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Nearly 200 people die in Italy in last 24 hours from coronavirus

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