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  • the nation's hospitals making emergency demands.

  • Some doctors and nurses running low on protective gear, many reusing their masks.

  • Some hospitals reporting a 50% surge in Corona virus patients.

  • Here's NBC's Adrian Banker Tonight, a massive rush to get tested suddenly cut short hundreds of people arriving before 4 30 this morning, waiting in a mile long line at New Jersey's biggest dry through testing site.

  • But just 30 minutes after opening, they hit capacity and police had to turn people away.

  • Medical professionals now advise that Onley, those with severe cases, seek medical help inside hospitals.

  • Tonight, there's growing concern.

  • It's a scary time to be a doctor in America, and especially in your doctor.

  • Cornelia Griggs, a mother of two, is a pediatric surgeon who works with Corona virus patients at Columbia University Medical Center.

  • She says she's worried the hospital could run out of masts, eye protection and gloves.

  • Her message on Twitter don't make us orphan are two toddlers.

  • It's forced need to feel like I have to live apart from my Children in order to protect them, and that breaks my heart.

  • Internal memos written by Columbia University's chief surgeon, Dr Craig Smith, say that his hospitals have seen a 50% increase in Corona virus patients burning through 40,000 masks every day, adding that officials predict the number of cases might not even peek for another 32 days to New York.

  • Area medical professionals we spoke to tonight are worried about what lies ahead.

  • We're filling up our issues.

  • We have several floors now that devoted only decoded, positive patients.

  • There's a misconception out there that this is a disease that only affects the elderly and only affects people who have significant medical problems.

  • And that's not what we're seeing in the hospitals around New York.

  • We're seeing younger people, Many doctors tell ABC News over the past few weeks they're being forced to re use masks and protective gear.

  • But even with the stories of nationwide shortages of in 95 masks and other gear, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City says it has sufficient supplies and is prepared for things to get worse.

  • On the whole, I would say I'm feeling inspired just being able to watch the stuff that my colleagues they're doing, it's absolutely incredible, you know, I think what people have done over the last month.

  • Tonight, researchers at Columbia University estimate the number of undetected cases is 11 times higher than what's officially been reported and predict that 650,000 people could be infected over the next two months even if the transmission rate is cut in half.

  • Attorney Manny Allah Conroe tried to get tested at this urgent care center in Brooklyn, instead finding the sign posted that said No.

  • Mork Oh vid 19 tests.

  • 49 year old doctor Jean Luc Neptune tested positive for Cove in 19 6 days ago, cautioning that this disease be taken seriously.

  • Joint pain, My Algiers muscle pain have had that as well.

  • I literally had a fever for 10 days, some days, more than 101 which is very uncomfortable detailing those symptoms.

  • We could hear the cough right there.

  • Adrian Banker Joins Us An Adrian We just learned that FEMA will be setting up new medical stations in the three states that have the most Corona virus cases right now.

  • Yes, that's right, Tom, the president making a major announcement, he says that FEMA will set up those makeshift hospitals in California, New York and Washington state, providing thousands of new hospital beds.

  • Tom Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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the nation's hospitals making emergency demands.

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Hospitals report 50 percent surge in coronavirus patients

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