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  • If you come to Japan between November and March

  • you're probably gonna see people wearing surgical masks

  • when I first came to Japan I thought that was pretty bizarre because

  • we don't see people wearing masks in the US when they're sick

  • I only saw that in hospitals and usually surgeons performing surgery

  • but here in Japan it's quite common

  • in fact people are not shy at all to leave the house out in the trains

  • go to the office with the sick mask on

  • The reason?

  • well I'm not really sure so I brought my friend Megumi here to answer some of

  • my questions

  • Are you sick?

  • No, I'm not sick

  • okay so if you're not sick why are you wearing a mask?

  • I'm just protecting myself

  • That's it!

  • All right, so you wear a mask as a defensive

  • mechanism against getting sick from other people

  • Exactly

  • Well, especially like every day I take train

  • Train is a dangerous, dangerous place

  • every day I take train

  • an inside the train is like pack of people in the morning

  • and if the person in front of you start coughing

  • or sneezing what can you do? Nothing! You'll just be standing

  • You cannot escape from the train. So, mask!

  • yes it protects you from someone if they

  • start coughing...from forntal attack

  • I don't know about the sides, but you need some protection

  • so that's why we need a mask

  • Megumi seem to make a lot of sense

  • I asked the train passenger outside the station for another point of view

  • so this train passenger's wearing her mask to protect herself from

  • other sick people and to stay warm. Interesting

  • there are many varieties of sick masks you can wear

  • it all depends on your preference. This one has a super strong filter

  • This one has a nose guard. These come

  • in different colors for women who want to match their outfit

  • this is a one-week supply of masks, has a wire nose guard

  • and offers and 99 percent promise to cut off

  • viruses if worn properly

  • Megumi and I decided to try one on

  • MEGUMI has chosen a mask with moisture packs

  • the box says it's perfect for the office

  • school, or for sleeping.

  • Just place the moisture pads into the masks' folds

  • and VOILA! You have a mask that both protects

  • and keeps the air inside moist for hours

  • How does it fit?

  • good

  • It has a steam

  • yup

  • I decided to try this unique mask with the nose guard to see if it felt

  • comfortable

  • alright

  • pretty comfortable

  • So if you come to Japan in the winter, wear a mask

  • It offers protection from the sick, keeps others from getting sick

  • helps reduce hay fever and keeps you warm

If you come to Japan between November and March

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Sick Masks in Japan Explained ★ ONLY in JAPAN #04

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/03/23
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