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  • the toll on hospitals already being felt across this country.

  • Word that some icy use air near capacity as the number of cases sores, and tonight the doctors who say they do not have what they need.

  • Here's NBC's chief national correspondent, Matt Government Tonight, one of the biggest expansions in hospital space in American history from coast to coast.

  • Temporary hospitals being built at breakneck speed.

  • This field unit for Corona virus patients under construction on a soccer field outside Seattle.

  • And this has emergency room officials fear being overrun when the virus peaks.

  • We have patients who we suspect that we have Kobe but have not been.

  • The testing is not completed because the testing is taking so substantially.

  • Long are I see youse are already at capacity before this pandemic began, and now we're pushing them over.

  • While thousands are lining up a drive through testing sites like these in Texas and Georgia, so many seeking tests are unable to get them.

  • I was sitting on the couch and my wife was in the kitchen, and I almost passed out just out of the blue, 39 year old Sacramento resident Justin Will Light has been to the emergency room twice in the last eight days.

  • Doctors tell him they are 100% certain he has the virus, but they told him the tests are on Lee.

  • For those in dire need, it was more frustrating for my wife because my wife wanted more definitive answers with officials in Los Angeles setting up this RV park as a possible quarantine site.

  • Doctors across the country now pleading with people to stay home, this physician in Atlanta holding up a sign saying, I stayed at work for you.

  • You stay home for us, especially since some of those doctors on the front lines are especially vulnerable to I can't walk away from this pandemic while I needed.

  • But that said, I have at least a 10 fold higher mortality rate.

  • Some hospitals reporting a short supply of ventilators, doctors and other countries have rigged them so patients could share them but haven't taken that measure yet that is now being discussed as a last resort among some health officials were exploring how to make that work and that creativity is absolutely essential.

  • Yeah, we need creativity, but we also need them to be extraordinarily careful, and I know they're considering everything sharing those ventilators a worst case scenario because there are risks with that, too.

  • There are David, and that's because it's never before been tried on humans.

  • Now they can split those ventilators, but it still requires skilled technicians to monitor the patient's.

  • There's also a concern that these patients are breathing the same air and could transmit diseases.

  • And this is why doctors keep telling us, toe flatten the curve so hospitals don't have to get into these situations where they used these unprecedented measures.

  • David Backup in Tonight Thank you, Matt.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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the toll on hospitals already being felt across this country.

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Temporary hospitals built at breakneck speed in US | WNT

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