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  • You might have heard by now,

  • uh, but to do our thing,

  • you know, to do our part during this pandemic,

  • The Daily Show is not gonna have a live studio audience

  • starting from Monday.

  • Which means you guys in the audience tonight

  • are the last ones to get coronavirus from us.

  • -(cheering) -And-and I'm not gonna lie.

  • It's gonna be tough without an audience.

  • You know, you guys are the heart and soul of the show.

  • But-but before you go,

  • I just wanted to dedicate a special little something to you

  • and all those audience members who have joined us before

  • here in New York to help us make every episode

  • of The Daily Show.

  • This one goes out to you.

  • All right. Let's get the thing.

  • ♪ E ♪

  • ♪ E ♪

  • I never know what they're doing when they do that,

  • but I think it looks-- it looks and it feels professional.

  • (trilling lips)

  • All right, all right, all right.

  • Five, six,

  • seven, eight.

  • ♪ ♪

  • Is it still a joke

  • If no one laughs at it? ♪

  • Am I still a host

  • If I'm just standing in an empty room? ♪

  • Audience, this is for you

  • Time for social distancing

  • Pack your things and go

  • Just know that I'll be waiting

  • For you to come back to the show

  • -♪ To the ones who stood ♪ -(cheering and applause)

  • And the ones who clapped

  • ♪ I'll even give a shout-out to the haters

  • -♪ Who just sat there and never laughed ♪ -(laughter)

  • It's the ones who cheered

  • And the people who love to wave

  • ♪ I'll even miss those ones

  • Who seemed to get all the jokes too late

  • (laughs)

  • -♪ You know, I'm even gonna miss ♪ -(phone ringing)

  • Those people who forgot to turn off their phones

  • During the show, it would mess me up and spoil jokes

  • But, you know

  • ♪ I liked hearing the ringtones

  • They were so retro

  • ♪ I'm gonna miss those guys

  • Who love to explain the show

  • It's funny because Trump is dumb.

  • The people with the weird-ass laughs

  • Are the ones I'll miss the most

  • (weird laughing)

  • The guy who came to kill me

  • But then I won him over with my jokes

  • The fans who came from Africa

  • And just wanted to hear about home. ♪

  • Tell them about Uganda!

  • No one knows about Uganda, man, but I'm gonna miss you.

  • It's time for quarantine, y'all.

  • I can't wait 'till this is over and the virus is beat

  • and all your asses... are back in those seats.

  • I love you, guys.

  • (cheers and applause)

  • (Noah laughs)

  • Thank you, man. Thank you so much. Thank you.

You might have heard by now,

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Trevor Sings a Tribute to the Studio Audience | The Daily Show

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/03/23
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