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  • Welcome to the Disney beat.

  • We count down all things Disney.

  • Today we're counting down 10 fax.

  • You may not know about Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

  • Number 10 3rd Time's a charm.

  • Walt Disney himself tried to develop Beauty and the Beast into an animated film both in the 19 thirties and 19 fifties.

  • He eventually gave up because the writers found the story too difficult to adapt.

  • Then, after the success of The Little Mermaid in 1989 Disney finally decided that it was time to go back to the project.

  • And, well, a classic was born Number nine.

  • She's different from the rest of them.

  • If you look closely, Bell is the only character in the village that wears blue.

  • This was done the show how different she actually was from everyone else.

  • She then goes on to meet the Beast, who also wears blue.

  • Coincidence, We think not Number eight recycled animation.

  • The final dance between Bell and the Prince at the end of the film is actually recycled animation cells from the final dance between Princess of Laura and Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty.

  • If you look closely, the people in the background of Beauty and the Beast match more of the medieval time period of Sleeping Beauty rather than 18th century friends.

  • Number seven Human again was cut, but before production began on Beauty and the Beast, the song Human Again was cut because they felt it dragged the story on.

  • It was then replaced with something there.

  • Later it was reworked and animated for the 2002 DVD release of Beauty and the Beast.

  • Wait, Stop!

  • Number six More.

  • Reese was supposed to be the guest.

  • I beg your pardon in the original storyboards, Be Our guest was supposed to be sung to Bella's father, Maurice, instead of Belle.

  • Tie your napkin around your neck mushroom, and we provide the rest.

  • Producers thought that a number as Bigas be our guests shouldn't be used on a secondary character, so they switched it to Belle number five.

  • Cock's worth improvised.

  • That's right.

  • The best line from Cosworth was totally improvised.

  • The beast Ghost Ask Cock's worth what he could do for Belle, and then he responds with, well, those things Flowers, chocolates, promises.

  • You don't intend to keep up all improv.

  • Number four Beauty and the Beast used computer animation software, although computer animation is the norm today.

  • This was the second Disney film to utilize it.

  • They use a software in the famous ballroom scene to achieve the sweeping camera angles, which otherwise would have been nearly impossible with hand drawn animation.

  • Number three.

  • The Prince actually has a name, although never refer to buy a name in the film.

  • The prince's name is Adam.

  • This was later confirmed in a seedy rum trivia sell video game release in the nineties called the D Show.

  • Interesting Choice for a Name.

  • Disney number two References to early concept art.

  • The sculpture, seen here in the Beast's castle, are also to be early design concepts for the beast.

  • The beast went through many designs before they settled on a final look, which is said to be a mixture of several different animals, including a buffalo, wild boar and gorilla.

  • And number one Angela Lansbury didn't want to sing.

  • Angela Lansbury, who voiced Mrs Potts, didn't think she was suited to singing the title song Beauty and the Beast.

  • She recorded just one take a backup for producers, and all these years later, it's the Oscar award winning version we all know today and Here's one bonus fact.

  • The film wasn't complete for the first screening.

  • The first official screening of Beauty and the Beast was in September of 1991 at the New York Film Festival on Lee.

  • 70% of the film was actually completed, even though they showed scenes that included storyboards and pencil tests.

  • It went on to receive a 10 minute long standing ovation.

  • It was at this moment that Disney knew they had a hit.

  • Well, there you have it those Air 10 fax plus one bonus fact that you may have not known about Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

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Welcome to the Disney beat.

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