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  • I, as you know, had my daughter who was in isolation.

  • And I was very aware of what she was dealing with him what she was feeling.

  • And I'll tell you the truth, I had some of the best conversations with her that I have ever had.

  • Uh, she was alone for two weeks with her own thoughts, not talking to anyone else.

  • No noise, no activity on.

  • We talked about things in depth that we didn't have time to talk about in the past.

  • Or we didn't have the courage of the strength to talk about in the past.

  • Feelings that I had about mistakes that I had made along the way that I wanted to express my regret and talk through with her.

  • People are in a in A in a small apartment that rent a house there.

  • They're worried they're anxious.

  • Just be mindful of that.

  • You know, those three sentence three words sentences can make all the difference.

  • I miss you.

  • You know I love you.

  • I'm thinking about you.

  • I wish I was there with you.

  • I'm sorry you're going through this.

  • I'm sorry we're going through this.

  • That's going to be a situation that is going to develop because we're all in quarantine now.

  • I mean, think about it.

  • We're all in various levels of quarantine and it's hard.

  • It's hard economically.

  • It's hard everywhere, But it's gonna be hard here.

  • It's gonna be hard here, and, uh, it takes each of us to try to help with that.

I, as you know, had my daughter who was in isolation.

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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says it's important to remember people are worried and anxious | ABC News

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