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  • Hi. I'm Marisa Peer

  • and I've been a therapist for a long time.

  • But I realize very early on with all my clients and patients,

  • they all had the same problem, which is they didn't ever think

  • they're enough.

  • Whether they came in with a drug addiction, a shopping addiction,

  • a food addiction, a hoarding addiction, it all went back

  • to the same thing, "I'm not enough."

  • And some of my clients were movie stars, an Olympic athlete,

  • and others maybe was school teachers but "I'm not

  • enough" is a universal problem that we pick up very early

  • in our life because we start to compare ourselves

  • to other people.

  • And parents and teachers do it too without meaning to,

  • "Why can't you be like your sister or your brother?"

  • So we start to buy into this belief, "I'm not enough."

  • And it is the biggest problem I see in the western world.

  • But there's good news.

  • It's incredibly easy to fix "I'm not enough."

  • If you think you're not smart enough, attractive enough,

  • interesting enough, intelligent enough, lovable enough,

  • if you have issues with shopping, eating, hoarding,

  • drinking, even bingeing out on Netflix to hide from the feeling

  • of not being enough, I promise you,

  • it is so easy to fix.

  • And here's the best way to fix it.

  • Write it on your mirror, in lipstick or eyeliner

  • or marker pen.

  • Put in on your fridge in fridge magnets,

  • put it all over your house.

  • What I'd love you to do is write it, take a photo of it,

  • and hashtag that to Mindvalley, join the I Am Enough Movement.

  • Not just for you.

  • You may have children or brothers or sisters or people

  • you work with and everyone in the world can benefit massively

  • from knowing they are enough.

  • When you know you're enough, you know what's so amazing?

  • You give the whole world permission to also know

  • that you're enough.

  • When you think you're not enough, people pick up what you

  • believe about you.

  • You are what you believe.

  • You make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you.

  • So if you make your belief "I'm enough," I promise you,

  • I guarantee you, it would change your entire life.

  • So please, join the I Am Enough Movement today.

  • Write it everywhere.

  • Write it in your language, hashtag Mindvalley.

  • I want to see where you're writing it.

  • People write it in the dust of cars.

  • They write it on the sand.

  • They plant flowers that come up and say "I'm enough."

  • They write it everywhere,

  • in every language you can think of.

  • And I'm passionate about spreading the word.

  • So help me out.

  • Write "I'm enough" on your fridge, on your mirror,

  • anywhere you like, tattoo it, write it on your skin,

  • send it to me, hashtag Mindvalley, join the movement.

  • Know you're enough because when you know you're enough,

  • the whole world is going to believe you.

  • Thanks for listening.

  • See you soon.

Hi. I'm Marisa Peer

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The Power Of "I am Enough" | Marisa Peer

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