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  • NARRATOR: Almaty, Kazakhstan, May 2013.

  • Mathematician Vladimir shCherbak and astrobiologist

  • Maxim Makukov publish a study they've

  • conducted on the human genome.

  • Their research has led them to the shocking conclusion

  • that there is a hidden code within our DNA, one that

  • contains precise mathematical patterns and

  • an unknown symbolic language.

  • They looked into the human genome,

  • and they found what appeared to be an extraterrestrial stamp

  • on our genetic code.

  • And it operated very much like a mathematical type of code.

  • The odds of this sequence occurring

  • nine times in the randomness of our genetic code

  • is 1 in 10 trillion.

  • Finally, someone has come across the one piece of evidence

  • that I've always said we need in order to prove

  • the ancient-astronaut theory.

  • I always said it will never be a crashed spaceship or a ray gun

  • that we'll dig somewhere in the sand,

  • but it will be found within our own DNA.

  • NARRATOR: For ancient-astronaut theorists,

  • the news offered compelling evidence that mankind's DNA was

  • deliberately manipulated by an extraterrestrial intelligence

  • some time in the ancient past.

  • The ancient-astronaut theory suggests that at some point

  • extraterrestrials targeted our DNA with a artificial

  • mutation of our genes.

  • And if this is true, then some have

  • argued that we are, in a sense, organic robots

  • because, through that manipulation of our genes,

  • we were given intelligence.

  • So it was done artificially, which means

  • AI, Artificial Intelligence.

  • NARRATOR: Organic robots programmed

  • by extraterrestrials?

  • Could such an audacious concept even be remotely true?

  • As far as ancient-astronaut theorists are concerned,

  • not only is the answer yes, but it provides the reason

  • why humans have such a strong affinity to not only create

  • cybernetically enhanced versions of themselves

  • but to merge with them.

  • So could this be evidence that,

  • just as these advanced extraterrestrial civilizations

  • may have programmed us humans at a genetic level,

  • that now we're actually programming these artificially

  • intelligent robotic beings in the same manner

  • to carry on this agenda that was started long

  • ago by the seeding of this planet

  • from these extraterrestrial civilizations?

NARRATOR: Almaty, Kazakhstan, May 2013.

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Ancient Aliens: Was Human DNA Edited by Aliens? (Season 13) | History

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