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  • NARRATOR: Is there really an Oak Island curse?

  • There are many who believe the answer is yes,

  • but they'll also tell you that it

  • isn't a curse that involves dark forces or threats of death.

  • They believe it's the one that takes

  • root in the mind of every would-be treasure hunter.

  • There are many psychological processes

  • that could explain why a person actually spends years searching

  • for something, doesn't find it, and keeps

  • doing it for even more years.

  • So, one explanation is this sunken cost fallacy,

  • and the idea there is that if you think you already invested

  • a lot in finding something or pursuing something,

  • then you don't want that investment to go to waste.

  • So you're willing to put in more investment

  • in the pursuit of the thing that you still didn't find.

  • And additionally, they are often very worried that if they leave

  • this treasure hunt site, someone else might come and swoop

  • in right after them and benefit from all

  • the work they have been doing all this time

  • and get the big rewards.

  • I don't know what it is about the island

  • that so captivates people, but I do know that it really does.

  • It really does, and it goes beyond reason.

  • I can see the fascination.

  • If the accident hadn't happened when it did, and I had come

  • to the age of 16 or so, I could see myself

  • taking a shovel in hand and becoming so upset

  • with the cursedness of this mystery of going

  • after the answer myself.

  • Perhaps the legend of a curse--

  • the reason for it existing is to hide something.

  • And the fact that people are searching,

  • people are actively saying, I'm going to go against this

  • and I'm going to look for it anyway,

  • that inherently gives the curse a reason for being.

  • There is a definite presence on Oak Island,

  • and I don't know if this feeds into the curse

  • or if this is something completely

  • different or manifested because of the general knowledge

  • that there may be a curse on the island.

  • I think the island is cursed, or there at least

  • is some negative energy around the multiple layers of history.

  • I think the curse shows up in many forms,

  • whether it's greed, obsession, or a financial difficulty,

  • and I think something is still unresolved and unsettled.

  • The curse is the way Oak Island swallows people's lives,

  • consumes their fortunes, and, in many cases,

  • destroys their sanity.

  • The curse of Oak Island is that once you get in,

  • it's really hard to get out.

  • Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and the other members

  • of the Oak Island team are risking an incredible amount

  • of time and money looking for a fabled treasure on Oak Island,

  • but are they also risking their lives?

  • See, one thing is certain.

  • So far, six men have died searching for the answer.

  • And according to legend, one more

  • will have to die before what lies buried there can be found,

  • and the Oak Island mystery will no longer

  • be among the unexplained.


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The UnXplained: OAK ISLAND CURSE: THE TRUTH REVEALED! (Season 1) | History

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