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  • second battle of truck In mid February 1944 aircraft from U.

  • S s Enterprise and her sister carriers devastated the most heavily fortified Japanese naval outpost in the Pacific truck, a toll.

  • Thousands of tons of shipping sunk, dozens of bombers destroyed on the ground.

  • But just 10 weeks after this hammering of the Japanese outpost, new aerial reconnaissance photos have revealed a worrisome development.

  • Japanese have repaired much of the damage from the attack and have re fortified a toll as a bomber.

  • Japanese must not be allowed an air base from which they could disrupt the American island hopping efforts.

  • And in the pre dawn hours of April 29th 1944 U.

  • S s Enterprise and her fellow carriers are back in the waters off truck, a toll toe pummel the vexing outpost.

  • Once again, the aerial reconnaissance photos make clear that truck a toll has again become a formidable defensive bastian.

  • The Japanese have added many new anti aircraft gun in places, some radar control, a technology that makes the weapons much more accurate.

  • It will again be a perilous job for enterprise bombers to approach the a toll to take out the new airfields.

  • Once again, this morning's attack leads off with a sweep of the skies by hellcat fighters.

  • Fighters launched in the predawn darkness to clear the way for the bombers to follow.

  • With the fighters on their way toward the target, dive bombers and torpedo bombers begin launching from enterprise and other task force carriers many miles out ahead of the bombers, hellcat finders, cross trucks, Barrier reef and prepared to meet a storm of angry Japanese.

  • Zero Enterprise Task Force bombers spend the rest of today streaking into the lagoon, pummeled park, playing hangers and bomber strips on the bomber's also pay special attention to any aircraft, batteries on moment, exploding gun emplacements and occasionally sending long metal barrels hurtling skyward.

  • Formidable Japanese hideout has proven to be a paper type.

  • The assault on truck has decimated a fast, irreplaceable quantity of Japanese shipping and bomber aircraft in the central Pacific.

  • Three light cruisers, four destroyed, three patrol craft, some 36 merchant ships and accelerates.

  • They left a lot of ships there.

  • I'm glad to report way got him all.

  • The Japanese have also suffered the loss of some 270 aircraft finders.

  • Hundreds of Japanese soldiers, sailors, air crewmen are dead and the loss of support facilities and airfield infrastructure is momentous.

  • Enterprise is responsible for 1/3 of the enemy's total loss.

  • American forces, on the other hand, have suffered.

  • One aircraft carrier damaged 25 aircraft down and 40 air crewmen and sailors killed for the stunned Japanese truck will be of no further use for the rest of the war.

  • When the reports first filtered back to Imperial Naval headquarters that they had lost 220,000 tons of shipping, one imperial naval diarist said that the shock was beyond comprehension.

  • It was truly devastating event.

second battle of truck In mid February 1944 aircraft from U.

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