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  • what does off mean is a proposition.

  • That's what Thomas from Hungary wants to know, and that's what we're doing on this.

  • Learners questioned.

  • Now off.

  • That's it.

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  • Off can be a proposition of position or movement.

  • It is the opposite off on.

  • So we put something on the table or we take it off the table, for example.

  • I got on the bus and took off my clothes.

  • Then the bus drivers shouted at me.

  • So I put on my clothes and I got off.

  • The bus off can mean near, depending on the context on, we often combine it with the wood.

  • Just for example, I live on an island just off the coast of England.

  • My house is just off English Avenue.

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  • And don't forget at the end of this video, there is a full summary slide off can describe a time not at work or school, usually because of illness, unusual circumstances or a holiday and note.

  • We do not say off from work or school, just off work or school.

  • One proposition is enough.

  • For example, John's ill.

  • So he's off school today.

  • It's a good thing we're all off next week.

  • He can recover during the holiday.

  • We also have lots of expressions with off.

  • If you're off color, you're ill.

  • If you're off balance, you're not ready.

  • If you're off duty, you're not working on.

  • You can do something on the off chance, which means you do something just in case.

  • Something that you hope for happens For example, on the off chance that your flight arrives early, I will come to the airport early to meet you.

  • Finally off is used in lots of froze all verbs.

  • So here are three.

  • If you put something off, you postpone it.

  • If you polish off food, you eat it really quickly on.

  • If you knock off, you finish work.

  • For example.

  • That's the end of this learners questions video.

  • It's time for me to knock off.

  • Thank you very much for your question, Thomas.

  • I hope the answer was useful.

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  • Questions by everybody.

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what does off mean is a proposition.

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Using ‘off’ as a preposition - Learners' Questions

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