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  • NARRATOR: Camp Verde, Arizona, 1915.

  • A large meteorite is found wrapped in a feather blanket

  • and buried inside an ancient ruin.

  • JONATHAN YOUNG: A fellow named George

  • Dawson found something that looked like a possible grave.

  • Sure enough, something was buried there.

  • It turns out to be a fragment of a meteorite--

  • 135 pounds of nickel and iron wrapped

  • as if it were a human burial, as if the people doing

  • the ceremony were in some kind of relationship

  • with this object.


  • NARRATOR: In ancient Greece, the Temple of Apollo

  • is constructed to honor the site where

  • a meteorite fell to earth.

  • A meteorite that is believed to contain the power of the gods.

  • JONATHAN YOUNG: Zeus, the great god of the Olympians,

  • took a stone and threw it down there

  • to mark the place of origin for all humans

  • and the center of things.

  • This was a particularly sacred spot.

  • The stone itself, the omphalos came from the heavens to Earth.

  • It was a transmission.

  • It was from Zeus to the people.

  • MAN: For them, that meteorite, that stone was a power that

  • radiated to all points of the earth

  • from Delphi from this meteorite.

  • And this omphalos stone was also supposed

  • to be a vehicle for communicating with the gods.

  • So you have to wonder, was this rock

  • sent by Zeus, one of the gods?

  • Was it really some special stone that

  • could help people communicate with extraterrestrials?

  • NARRATOR: Are ancient accounts of meteorites

  • that communicate with humans simply mythological tales?

  • Ancient astronaut theorists insist

  • the answer is a profound no and believe that proof that many

  • have been sent here deliberately can be found by re-examining

  • what Muslims believe to be the origins of the sacred meteorite

  • they call the Black Stone.

  • MAN: Tradition with the Black Stone

  • says that it was to be an altar used by Adam, the first man

  • and that later, the angel Gabriel gave it to Abraham

  • and that Abraham and Ishmael, then,

  • placed the Black Stone in the Kaaba

  • at Mecca where it is today.

  • So you have to wonder, were extraterrestrials purposely

  • giving this stone to Abraham in order to move mankind

  • forward on planet Earth?

  • NARRATOR: Is the connection between the Black Stone

  • of the Kaaba and the biblical story of Adam and Eve

  • further evidence that meteors may have

  • been used by extraterrestrials to seed life

  • here on planet Earth?

  • And if meteorites can contain energy capable of influencing

  • the human mind, is it possible that they

  • may have other metaphysical capabilities--

  • capabilities that we are only just beginning to comprehend?


NARRATOR: Camp Verde, Arizona, 1915.

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Ancient Aliens: METEORITES SENT TO SAVE HUMANITY (Season 13) | History

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