Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Video Playback

    Why Can't I play my video?
Please clear caches on your browser, or switch to Google Chrome for better performances.
    Video Removed
    The video has been removed by the original uploader on YouTube. Please click here to report this video.

    Video lagging or ended early

    If the video that you’re watching is lagging, try these troubleshooting steps:

    .Check your internet connection. For better playback quality and effect, connect to an internet broadband that is faster than 500kbps.

    .Pause to pre-load video. When the grey bar beneath the video finished loading, play again.

    .Lower video quality settings.。

    .If the video still has problem loading, clear caches and cookies on your browser then play again.

    Unable to hear sound

    If no sound can be heard while playing YouTube videos, try these troubleshooting steps:

.Adjust speaker or computer volume.

.Adjust the volume control located in the lower left corner of the YouTube video player.

.Restart browser.

.Adjust volume on the video player (e.g. Quicktime, Realplayer or Windows Media player).


If still no sound is available after trying the troubleshooting steps above, these additional tips may help:

.Update your Flash Player to the latest version.

.Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer: Please visit Adobe main website for more information.

    .Check security settings to see if third-party Flash content is blocked by anti-virus softwares or firewalls.

  2. Quiz

    Score error
    You would only be scored if you've answered correctly on the first try.
    You will not be scored if the the correct answer has been displayed by the system after one try.
    Is reviewing offline available?
    We're sorry, video and other related functions are only available with internet connection.
  3. Account

    How can I change my password?
    Go on to VoiceTube web version > Profile icon > settings , and select "password" to update your password.
    How can I change my profile picture?
    Go on to VoiceTube web version > Profile icon > settings , and select "upload profile picture" to change into a new profile picture.
    Can everyone see my collected video?
    Yes.Collected video is public as everyone can see your collected videos.

    Can everyone see contents of My Word Bank?
    Yes.If you wish to set to private, go on to VoiceTube web version > Profile icon > settings and select "privacy settings" and toggle "Do you want other users to view your searching records?" to "OFF"
  4. Reporting Errors

    Video playback page not functioning properly
    Please check if you have installed YouTube plugins. Plugins such as "Chrome Extension" and "FVD Video Downloader" are known to disrupt the page. Please disable plugins while using VoiceTube.
  5. Others

    How to import videos?
    Go to Video converting page to look for videos that you wish to import.
    Why can't I find the videos that I wish to import?
    It is possible that the video you requested does not have its original english subtitle on YouTue, therefore it cannot be added. Go to Video Converting Page to inquire the video you wish to import.
    Unable to upload recording to Pronunciation Challenge
    Please allow access to your camera and microphone, as well as updating Flash Player to the latest version.

    Is recording function supported on iPhone or iPad?
    We're sorry that recording function is currently unavailable on iPhone and iPad. Please download VoiceTube App for better experiences!

    How can I download subtitles?
Click on the "printer" icon on the upper right corner to download English and/or Chinese subtitles!
    How can I collect videos?
    If you're on the video playback page, click the "collect" button above the video to collect videos. You can also click on the "like" on each video icon at the video list page!
    How can I join the Translate Community on VoiceTube?
    We welcome anyone who is interested and talented in translating! Please go to Translate Community Page and fill out the application form, a transcript for translation will be sent within 3 days! It is the main criteria for our volunteered translators.
    How to turn on your microphone
    If the system shows "Use your microphone", choose "Allow". If you choose block by accident, click the icon on the right side of URL bar, and choose "Allow VoiceTube using your microphone". Or you can click "Settings" on Chrome, and choose "Advanced". Under "Privacy and security", click "Content settings". Click "Microphone", remove VoiceTube from exception and allow the permission again.